River Falls Business Management Academy

Dual Credit High School Academy

Business is everywhere. Leaders are made. Are you interested in a broad career that will develop your leadership skills? Earn your Business Management degree through Chippewa Valley Technical College while earning your high school diploma. Participating in this academy you will have the opportunity to graduate with a diploma from River Falls High School along with obtaining an Associate Degree in Business Management from CVTC.  In this embedded four-year program, you will learn how to make effective business decisions, plan, organize, direct, and evaluate the functions of business that lead to outstanding companies.

  ​Summer Course
​School Year Courses
​Year 1
​Introduction to Business Management Academy (2 Days/No credit)
​Innovative Business Mindset (TC) 
Marketing Principles (TC) 
​Year 2
​Intro. to Human Resources
​Leadership for Business Excellence (TC)
Principles of Management (TC)
Accounting I (TC)
​Year 3
​Business Law
​Business Ethics (TC)
Accounting II (TC)
AP Language or AP Psych
Project Management
Business Analytics 
AP Stats or AP Macroeconomics
Year 4
​Global Business
​Business Finance
Managing Operations
AP Stats or AP Macroeconomics
AP Language or AP Psych
Strategic Management
Business Management Capstone (TC)
Business Management Internship (TC)

(TC) = Transcripted Credit course offered by ECASD High School teachers

AP courses taught by ECASD High School teachers

Other courses taught by CVTC Instructors

If a student does not earn AP credit or cannot take a course in the sequence, there are other options available to complete all required courses. 

*Summer commitment is required.

Course Description

Year 1 Courses

Summer Introduction to Business Management Academy (Non-credits)
Two day orientation and program overview

102-130 Innovative Business Mindset (TC) (3 credits)
In this course, students will define the traits and mindset of entrepreneurs.  Students will use tools to determine their personal entrepreneurial traits.  Students will examine a variety of innovative companies (small, social, and global).  Students will understand the difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.  Students will evaluate existing business plans.

104-102 Marketing Principles (TC) (3 credits)
A comprehensive look at marketing concepts and functions. Concepts include: marketing mix, marketing decision making, segmentation, promotion, research, product development, distribution, and logistics. Marketing Principles introduces modern marketing practices, studies the essential role played by marketing in society, as well as techniques used for various industries.

Just the Facts

Fall 2019
54 Credit High School Academy

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River Falls High School

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