Monday, October 30, 2017

CVTC-UWEC Agreement Aids Nursing Students

Clear pathway outlined toward a bachelor of science degree

Article Photo - CVTC-UWEC Agreement Aids Nursing Students

CVTC Nursing student Britny Poplawski and an unidentified student work together in a lab setting at the college’s Health Education Center. A new agreement between CVTC and UW-Eau Claire will help CVTC Nursing graduates who wish to complete their bachelor of science in nursing degree at UW-Eau Claire.

A new agreement between Chippewa Valley Technical College and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will help nursing students complete their bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degrees, improving their employment opportunities and helping healthcare providers that are looking for nurses with the higher degree.

The agreement facilitates credit transfers from CVTC to UW-Eau Claire, allowing CVTC graduates of the Nursing-Associate Degree program to complete their BSN degree with as few as 35 additional credits from UW-Eau Claire.

“Many of the health agencies in our area are requesting bachelor’s-prepared nurses, and this agreement will help students pursue the degree in an efficient manner,” said Amy Olson, associate dean of health at CVTC. “The agreement identifies courses at CVTC that students can take that will directly transfer to UW-Eau Claire.”

With an associate degree in nursing from CVTC, a student can earn a registered nurse (RN) license by passing the board exam. While some transfer to UW-Eau Claire or another university to complete a BSN immediately, others begin working as nurses and complete their BSN part-time.

“For those who choose to complete their BSN through UW-Eau Claire, this agreement will make for a more streamlined process,” Olson said.

The agreement specifies which CVTC courses a student should take to meet specific UW-Eau Claire requirements, combining online courses with on-campus courses. This includes not only nursing program classes, but many general education classes required as part of a bachelor’s degree. CVTC nursing students typically enroll in general education classes while awaiting entry into the nursing program. With the new agreement, those CVTC students will know which classes to take if their long-term goal is a BSN from UW-Eau Claire.

“We’ve had a strong partnership with the liberal arts program at CVTC for years,” said Heather Pearson, UW-Eau Claire associate director of admissions. “This agreement combines the courses for the associate degree in nursing with the courses in the liberal arts program and allows students to transfer more credits to UW-Eau Claire. It outlines what to take to fulfill our requirements so students don’t end up with credits that don’t transfer effectively. It really streamlines students’ transfer to UW-Eau Claire.”

UW-Eau Claire is excited to be a partner with CVTC in this effort to serve the region, said Linda Young, dean of UW-Eau Claire’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

“We’re pleased to be making the process as efficient as possible for CVTC nursing graduates to earn their BSN degrees — and to be partnering to meet the needs of health care institutions in our region and state for bachelor’s-prepared nurses,” Young said.

“This agreement is a win for everyone,” said CVTC President Bruce Barker. “It strengthens our valuable partnership with UW-Eau Claire and helps our students better plan the pathway to the degrees they want to fulfill their dreams of a career in nursing. It makes UW-Eau Claire a more attractive option for our nursing students seeking a BSN, and helps employers fill their needs for BSN-level nurses.”