Monday, March 5, 2018

New agreement guarantees UW-Eau Claire admission to CVTC transfers

Agreement applies to CVTC liberal arts students

Article Photo - New agreement guarantees UW-Eau Claire admission to CVTC transfers

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire now will guarantee admission to students earning a liberal arts associate degree at Chippewa Valley Technical College.

UW-Eau Claire and CVTC have signed the guaranteed admissions agreement, which will be in place beginning in fall 2018.

“The agreement guarantees a seamless transition for CVTC liberal arts students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree at UW-Eau Claire,” said Dr. Michael Carney, associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs at UW-Eau Claire. “It ensures that CVTC students who plan to transfer to UW-Eau Claire can access resources on our campus sooner, helping them stay on track and graduate on time.”

The two campuses already are strong partners that work together to meet the academic needs of students, Carney said.

However, the formal admissions agreement gives students additional confidence that starting their studies at CVTC and finishing them at UW-Eau Claire is an affordable and efficient option, he said.

“CVTC has long had a great working relationship with our neighbors at UW-Eau Claire, and this agreement strengthens that relationship,” said Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe, CVTC vice president of instruction. “CVTC and UW-Eau Claire share a commitment to student success, and by working directly with our students early, the university helps ensure the success students achieve at CVTC continues during the next stage of their educational journey.”

CVTC liberal arts students can apply for the guaranteed admission to UW-Eau Claire during their first year at CVTC.

By participating in the program, they will receive personalized advising from their transfer admissions counselor at UW-Eau Claire, ensuring that they meet all requirements of specific academic programs.

UW-Eau Claire will frequently have a transfer admissions counselor at CVTC, who will work with individual students to develop personalized transfer plans.

The guidance and personal attention will help students be even more successful during their time at both campuses, Carney said.

The CVTC students must meet academic grade requirements to be eligible to transfer to UW-Eau Claire, and must meet any requirements of specific programs at UW-Eau Claire.

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