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Career Planning

Exploring your career options is the first step to planning your future. The more you know about career choices, the more prepared you’ll be to select the career that is right for you. At CVTC, we have several resources available to match your interests with a rewarding career. The first step is to take the online Career Assessment. After answering a series of questions, you'll be matched to occupations, be able to explore careers, and see a list of CVTC programs that are a good fit for your interests. Expect to spend about 20-30 minutes taking the assessment.

The career assessment includes three parts:

Two nursing students

Career Interest

The Career Interest Assessment will help you determine the ways you would prefer to spend your time, if given the opportunity. While some of your interests may be hobbies and not directly relate to an occupation (such as playing a card game), your other interests may have components that can be incorporated into your future career.

Skills Confidence

The Skills Confidence Assessment will help you identify the skill set you feel you possess or could develop with education or training. Skills refer to the strengths, abilities, and talents that you possess, learn, or develop. While you may have been born with skills in specific areas (i.e., musical ability, artistic talent, or an aptitude for math), most people develop skills as a result of instruction or training.

Medical staff
Medical staff

Work Values

The Work Values Assessment will help you identify the principles, standards, and qualities that you consider worthwhile, desirable, and satisfying in an occupation. Independence, job security, high income, achievement, leadership, prestige, ethics, creativity, responsibility, helping others, and advancement are examples of values. Taking an inventory of your values will help you in your search for a potential career.

Once you have completed the career assessment, you may be done. If you wish to further interpret the results of your assessment, you have two options; an online workshop or a face-to-face workshop. Both options help you explore careers and occupations, discover CVTC programs, learn about CVTC admissions and financial aid, explore CVTC resources, and develop employment skills and resources.

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