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CVTC Referendum 2020

The Budget

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Referendum Project Cost

The Board of Trustees has authorized a referendum package for the proposed projects not to exceed $48.8 million. These costs include new construction, renovations, site work, equipment, furnishings, professional services, permits, and fees. The projected tax impact on property owners is estimated to be $8.55/year* per $100,000 of property value.

Phase 1

1. River Falls Property Acquisition

2. Automated Fabrication Lab (MEC)

Phase 2

3. Transportation Center  
    – Equipment Storage Facility

4. ESEC Addition  
    – ESEC Remodel

Phase 3

5. Menomonie Entrance  
    – Menomonie Commons, Office

6. River Falls – South Education Center

7. Chippewa Falls Campus


Total Cost not to exceed



Referendum Amount:  
not to exceed  
$48.8 Million


Impact Per $100,000 of Property Value:

Estimated tax increase of $8.55/year*

How much will my taxes go up?

Choose Your Property Value





* Assumes multiple borrowings amortized over 21 years using planning interest rates of 3.75% - 4%. Estimated impacts are based on 2018 Equalized Valuation (TID-OUT) of $24,723,807,042 with no annual growth thereafter.