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On April 7, residents of the 11-county area served by CVTC are asked to vote on a referendum authorizing the College to create and expand our facilities. The facilities improvements would target programs that are in high demand and impact citizens across our region, including transportation, public safety, manufacturing, technology, and community partnership.


Campus Improvement Projects


Transportation Education Center

Increase capacity for student enrollment to address the workforce shortage, gain efficiencies with a comprehensive facility to optimize shared resources, expand classrooms and labs for modern equipment, prepare for future technology with flexible learning labs, and upskill the current workforce.

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Expansion & Remodeling

Emergency Service Education Center

Meet the training requirement needs of today and the future for law enforcement, criminal justice, fire medic, and paramedics, update simulation labs, create flexible tactical training spaces, renovate and expand the law enforcement firearms range, and update physical endurance testing and certification rooms.

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Manufacturing Education Center

Keep up with the ever-evolving technology of the Manufacturing field, update the technical components necessary to train for the workforce, create space to safely train on machinery, upskill the current workforce for expanded and changing industry jobs.

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Additional Campus Renovations and Expansions

Update current facilities to serve our growing student body, improve program offerings and spaces at regional campuses, create new spaces to ensure future success in modern industries, keep buildings safe and secure.

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See How CVTC
Impacts Our Community.

The quality of life we all enjoy in the Chippewa Valley is directly dependent on the quality of education we provide here at CVTC.

Fulfilling Our Mission

CVTC delivers innovative and applied education that supports the workforce needs of the region, improves the lives of students, and adds value to our communities.


Percentage of CVTC graduates employed within 6 months after graduation


CVTC offers 110 programs, 35 certificates, and 13 apprenticeships


Percentage of graduates who find employment in Wisconsin after graduation


Total number of students CVTC served in 2018-19


Average starting salary of CVTC associate degree graduates


Chippewa Valley Technical College is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System and serves an 11-county area. Campuses are located throughout the district including multiple locations in Eau Claire and in the Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Neillsville and River Falls communities. The College is one of 16 WTCS colleges located throughout the state. CVTC has an appointed district board consisting of nine members who serve three-year, staggered terms.

CVTC District Map

Addressing Regional Workforce Needs



to the growing workforce labor shortage in the Chippewa Valley



evolving technology and industry expectations



safety and security on campus and in our communities



for the future by making structural improvements and land investments

Community Survey Executive Summary

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this community survey a success.


The Chippewa Valley Technical College Board of Trustees requested School Perceptions to conduct a survey this fall to determine community support for potential facility projects.

The community survey was conducted in October and November of 2019. The survey had a total of 2,657 responses and included:

  • 360 Current students
  • 206 Parents of current students
  • 834 CVTC alumni
  • 361 CVTC faculty/staff
  • 231 CVTC advisory committee members
  • 56 Donors
  • 53 Elected officials
  • 167 Employers of CVTC graduates

Overall, how satisfied are you with CVTC? (All Respondents)

Overall Satisfaction Graph

Overall Satisfaction

88% of survey respondents reported they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the College. Respondents reported CVTC was:

  • Vital to our region in preparing students for the workforce
  • A critical partner in our region's economic success
  • Providing high-quality training for professionals
  • Providing a safe and secure environment for students and staff

Facility Projects

The survey asked respondents to provide their feedback on five facility projects. Based on the data, the following four projects have support:

  • Update classrooms and labs to address regional workforce needs
  • Remodel and expand the Emergency Services Education Center, purchase land in River Falls, and improve safety and security at the College's facilities
  • Improve operational efficiencies and address infrastructure needs
  • Build a new Transportation Education Center

Tax Tolerance

The survey gathers data to determine the tax tolerance for those living in the Chippewa Valley Technical College district. This helps to determine the size of the bond taxpayers would likely support. Based on the data, a $55 million bond, or something slightly lower, would have success. To achieve this amount, the Board may need to reduce the scope of some of the projects that have support to fit within the supported tax tolerance.