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Emergency Service Education Center

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The Project is COMPLETE!

After more than a year of construction and anticipation, the new Emergency Service Education Center is complete. The new space provides the addition of 27,000 square feet and 24,000 square feet of remodeled space. The generous support of the community made the space possible, including state-of-the-art tactical and physical training spaces, equipment bays and classrooms.


Project Brief

Expansion and renovation of the Emergency Service Education Center to better prepare graduates and local public safety professionals, including volunteer fire departments, for service to the community. This project will allow for enhanced continuing education opportunities for emergency service agencies in our communities and extend opportunities for community education courses.

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The Need

  • Instructional requirements in the emergency services industry have changed; real-life simulations now play a more significant role in program instruction, and current facilities are unable to accommodate these requirements
  • Current defensive tactics and fitness training rooms are outdated and inadequately sized
  • Inability to replicate real-world distances and situations within current firearms range
  • Increased program student population requires additional classroom spaces
  • Staff office and meeting space is currently limited and requires improved access
  • Additional space needed for the firefighter Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)
  • Existing training spaces are outdated and insufficient, limiting the College’s ability to offer specialized police, fire, and EMS continuing education training

Why Now?

Emergency service organizations such as township fire departments across the district depend on CVTC to meet the training requirement needs of today and the future. The Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, FireMedic, and Paramedic programs require updated simulation labs, flexible tactical training spaces, renovation and expansion of the law enforcement firearms range, and updated physical endurance testing and certification rooms to receive the very best training to keep them safe and to serve and protect communities.

Project Goals

  • Develop a multi-use training facility that meets curriculum requirements
  • Create a defensive and arrest tactics room to provide a safe training environment to better prepare first responders
  • Expand and renovate the firearms range for ensured safety and enhanced scenario-based training needs
  • Enhance training space and simulation labs to better prepare local police, fire, and emergency medical services to protect and serve the community
  • Develop a room for the use-of-force simulator
  • Conduct training and provide employment eligibility lists to regional police and fire departments to meet their hiring demands
  • Create a more collaborative and inviting learning environment with the addition of a new commons area
  • Keep training spaces modern and up-to-date with current industry trends and equipment
Proposed Emergency Service Education Center Expansion

Addition: 27,800 SF

Remodeling: 24,400 SF

CVTC offered me a wonderful opportunity to prepare myself for the next step in my life. The staff was incredible and resourceful. The school offers a rich and full education.

Hannah W, Emergency Medical Technician Graduate

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