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Project Brief

Expand and remodel campuses and add mobile options to modernize, increase regional educational access, solidify learning environments for our students, and provide safe campus locations for educational opportunities in communities throughout the 11-county district.

The Need

  • River Falls: Create a heightened awareness of the campus location and complete the science lab to serve liberal arts and STEM course students
  • Menomonie: Secure the campus main entrance and update the student commons and office spaces for a more inviting, modern facility
  • Chippewa Falls: Update the existing facility to provide a science lab that will serve the growing high school academies, liberal arts, and healthcare programs
  • Mobile Labs: Bring high demand educational and training options to rural areas of the district

Why Now?

The update of current facilities at various campuses is needed to serve our growing student population. The proposed projects will improve program offerings and spaces at regional campuses, create new spaces to ensure future success in modern industries, and keep campuses safe and secure for our students, staff, and community.

Project Goals

  • River Falls: The purchase of an additional 6.7 acres of land adjacent to current property will allow for future College expansion that will provide programming to support the workforce needs of the River Falls region. In addition, the completion of the science lab will serve liberal arts, healthcare, and other STEM courses for students in the region
  • Menomonie: Secure the main campus entrance and update the student commons and office spaces for a more inviting, modern facility
  • Chippewa Falls: Science lab availability to meet the needs of high school academy, healthcare, and liberal arts students across the region
  • Mobile Labs: Increase accessibility to educational labs in high demand programs throughout the district and at high schools
CVTC District Map

Total Budget:
not to exceed
$6.5 Million

  • River Falls Property Acquisition and Building Modifications
  • Mobile Labs and Other Equipment
  • Menomonie Entrance & Commons
  • River Falls and Chippewa Falls Science Labs
  • Raze of West Annex and Maintenance Shop

The instructors in my program were the best! I was not interested in school until I began this program. All of the faculty I had the pleasure of working with exceeded my expectations.

Sarah C, CVTC Graduate

What other projects are proposed?



Transportation Education Center

Increase capacity for student enrollment to address the workforce shortage.



Manufacturing Education Center

Update technical components and construct an automated fabrication lab.

Expansion & Remodeling


Emergency Service Education Center

Meet current and future training requirements for emergency services.



Additional Campus Renovations and Expansions

Update current facilities to serve our growing student body.