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Providing resources to the community and being responsible with taxpayer funds are two of CVTC’s core values. Twenty-two years ago, voters approved a referendum to build our Emergency Services Education & Manufacturing Education Centers and River Falls Campus, which lead to a 54% increase in enrollment from 1997 to 2019. Investing in the future of our area through improved facilities and resources will keep our region thriving for years to come.


For an in-depth look at the referendum and proposed projects, view this presentation:

Why are the proposed projects necessary?

After carefully reviewing the College facility needs for the past several years, we have determined that:

Demand For Space Exceeds Current Capacity: Increased student enrollment has resulted in College facilities that are inadequate to accommodate training students in several key industry areas. Transportation, manufacturing, and construction have outgrown their current spaces and require modernized solutions moving forward. Also, the campuses serving our regional community members require facilities upgrades to serve expanded programming for high school academies, apprenticeships and other growing student populations.

Area Employers Depend on CVTC: Due to the overall national workforce shortage, regional employers are in desperate need of qualified workers with advanced skills for today’s globally competitive economy. Chippewa Valley Technical College is a crucial contributor to keep our local business community thriving. For many years, our college has worked closely with industry partners to solve their technological and educational needs. As we look to the future, there are areas of need that must be addressed to support the continuing education demands of the community.

Program Expansion Supports Regional Job Growth: At CVTC, educational programs are required to demonstrate substantial regional necessity and outcomes before proceeding with significant infrastructure investments. In addition to current enrollment demands, the program areas represented in the proposed projects have been through a rigorous analysis of industry growth projections. The suggested expansions will address future industry growth and serve the ultimate goal of putting skilled local community members into the workforce.

Why are we moving forward?

  • CVTC’s Board of Trustees and College leadership are very conscious of the current economic situation with the residents in our region. They also deeply understand the critical role the College plays in strengthening the local economy by providing workers with skills for long-term employment. It is a vital time to invest in our facilities and help meet the demand for qualified workers now and in the future.
  • In the 2018-2019 FY, the College served 18,595 students, marking a three-year growth in enrollment.
  • Historically low interest rates make this a very responsible time to borrow.
  • The current extremely active construction market is helping to keep bids and building costs down.
  • State-standardized financial mechanisms prohibit construction beyond College needs so alternative funding methods need to be pursued.


Chippewa Valley Technical College is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System and serves an 11-county area. Campuses are located throughout the district including multiple locations in Eau Claire and in the Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Neillsville and River Falls communities. The College is one of 16 WTCS colleges located throughout the state. CVTC has an appointed district board consisting of nine members who serve three-year, staggered terms.

CVTC District Map

Addressing Regional Workforce Needs



to the growing workforce labor shortage in the Chippewa Valley



evolving technology and industry expectations



safety and security on campus and in our communities



for the future by making structural improvements and land investments