How CVTC is Helping Students

CVTC recognizes the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our communities and students. With the help of the United States Department of Education Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Stability (CARES) Act Grant, funds are available to support students affected in this challenging time. The CARES Act Grant is available to help Title IV eligible students offset expenses related to the disruption of college operations. CVTC received $1,382,732 from the Department of Education for the purpose of supporting students impacted by COVID-19; the CARES Act Grant is funded 100% by this federal award.

Eligible Students

Students Receiving CARES

Total CARES Spent




How were students notified?
In early May, actively enrolled Title IV eligible students received an email announcing the CARES Act Grant. Grant funds are available to offset costs incurred during CVTC's campus closure. Students and staff were also notified via the CVTC electronic newsletter, The Weekly. The request form for CARES includes the categories of food, course materials/technology, and healthcare. Request forms are reviewed individually, and CARES Act Grant funds are paid directly to students.