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Quotes, Bids & Proposals

Understanding the Procurement Process

CVTC uses a request for bid, proposal, or quote process to obtain equipment, products, services, and supplies. These requests are also known as RFB, RFP, and RFQ.

A request for bid or quote is typically conducted for campus requirements pertaining to equipment, products, or supplies. The main determining factor for an RFB or RFQ is typically cost, however, the ability to provide all the required materials, within the required time frame, is also considered. An RFQ is conducted for requests under $50,000, and the RFB is conducted for requests at or over $50,000.

A request for proposal is typically conducted for campus requirements pertaining to services or projects. The RFP process has multiple process stages and determining factors, in addition to the cost. Those factors are dependent on what is being requested. Some examples are: type of customer service offered, industry references and reputation, technology being offered, and physical vendor location. Vendor submission information is reviewed and discussed by an RFP evaluation committee to determine which vendor proposal best meets the needs of the College.

Immediate Notification & Access to Documentation for Bidding Opportunities with CVTC

CVTC is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Public Purchasers (WAPP). WAPP is partnered with DemandStar, an online marketplace connecting local governments with an extensive network of suppliers across Wisconsin and the nation.

By registering for a complimentary account with DemandStar, and selecting the NIGP commodity codes pertaining to your business, you will receive an immediate notification of any procurement opportunities posted by the Chippewa Valley Technical College, along with access to the RFB, RFP, and RFQ documentation, including but not limited to; addenda and request results. This information is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Register Now

Once your registration has been activated, you must log in to DemandStar and go to the "Account Info" page. Then "Edit" "Commodity Codes" and select any NIGP commodity codes that pertain to your business. You will then be notified of any solicitations that match your commodity code selections.

Note: If commodity codes are not selected, you will not receive notifications about procurement opportunities at CVTC.

If you have any questions or need additional information about the DemandStar program, please contact DemandStar Support at 1-866-273-1863.

Note: DemandStar also offers additional subscription services covering local, state, regional, or national geographic territories, however, vendors are required to pay for access when participating out of the WAPP group.

Contact Information

Jody Schneider
CVTC District Purchasing Coordinator

CVTC is a tax exempt organization.

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