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CVTC District Board

Board Appointment Process

Important Dates

2024 Board Application Due Date: February 12, 2024 by 4 p.m.

2024 Board Appointment Public Hearing and Appointment Meeting: March 4, 2024 at 9 a.m.

For more information, contact: 
Lauren Sullivan 

Chippewa Valley Technical College is governed by a nine-member district board appointed by the county board chairs from the 11 counties within the CVTC District (Buffalo, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, St. Croix, Taylor, and Trempealeau). Pursuant to Wisconsin statute, the district board consists of two employer members, two employee members, three additional members, one elected official member who holds a state or local office, and one school district administrator. Board members serve staggered, three-year terms.

The Board powers are established under the provisions of Chapter 38 of the Wisconsin Statutes and include:

  • authority to borrow money and levy taxes.
  • budgetary authority.
  • authority over other fiscal and general management of the District, which includes, but is not limited to, the authority to execute contracts, to exercise control over facilities and properties, to determine the outcome or disposition of matters affecting the recipients of the services being provide, and to approve the hiring or retention of key management of key management personnel who implement Board policy and directives.

The following vacancies will occur on the Chippewa Valley Technical College District Board on July 1, 2024:

  • One Employer member: three-year term, expiring June 30, 2027
  • One Employee member: three-year term, expiring June 30, 2027
  • One School District Administrator member: three-year term, expiring June 30, 2027

The definitions for the board member categories listed above are found in the application/affidavit instructions.

Each year three members are appointed to serve three-year terms beginning July 1. The annual appointment process typically begins in February or March. Board members are not paid except for expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

In the appointment process, equal consideration is given to the general population distribution within the CVTC district, as well as to the distribution of women and minorities. Consideration is also given to representatives of business and industry as required for employer and employee representatives. NOTE: No two members of the CVTC district board may be officials of the same governmental unit, nor may any district board member be a member of the school board that employs the school district administrator member. All applicants are eligible to apply and be considered for the additional member category.

There are five requirements all applicants must meet to be eligible for appointment. They must:

  1. Reside within the CVTC District.
  2. Submit a properly completed application/affidavit (including a one page single-spaced statement describing your reasons for seeking an appointment to the board).
  3. Submit at least two letters of reference supporting their candidacy.
  4. Submit a completed questionnaire.
  5. Attend an appointment meeting/public hearing in person and be interviewed.

Primary Responsibilities of Board Members:

  • Meeting Educational and Training Needs: Board members are responsible for meeting the changing community needs in fulfilling the College mission. This includes formulating policy, ensuring effective leadership, and the responsible use of resources.
  • Ethical Leadership: Board members promote the public trust by serving without personal gain and without partisan politics or personal agenda.
  • Reflect Individual and Community Diversity: Boards are comprised of strong individuals reflecting diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences. Diversity gives the board balance, depth, and a variety of resources, ensuring the needs of the entire community are recognized and addressed. The District Board Appointment Committee approves and follows a local "Plan of Representation" in assuring a diverse board reflecting the district.
  • Knowledgeable and Committed: Excellent board members are knowledgeable about the community and its needs and issues, within the broad context of the educational, social, political, and economic environment. Board members must have commitment to the technical college mission and vision.

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