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Information Technology

CVTC offers 3 certificates in Information Technology.  Our certificates allow you to master a specific and valuable set of skills that make you attractive to employers, while laying a foundation for your future. If you are looking to change careers, advance your career, or give yourself an edge in the workforce, a certificate is the right choice.

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, is a partner with CVTC. This training program is designed to teach people to design, build, and maintain computer networks capable of supporting national and global organizations. Participants who complete this 10-credit certificate of specially developed curriculum and certifications testing will be ready to begin working in the Information Technology field.

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Estimated Cost

Total Tuition & Fees: $1360.30

IT Network Support Associate

This 22-credit certificate prepares you to perform basic installation; configuration; and support of Unix/Linux, Novell eDirectory and Microsoft network operating systems. You will also be prepared to provide essential support to desktop operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Linux, in a networked environment. You will learn to perform numerous types of basic hardware installation and maintenance functions on PC platforms. This certificate can be completed in two semesters.

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Estimated Cost

Total Tuition & Fees: $2993.91

Network Hardware Support Specialist

The Network Hardware Support Specialist Certificate prepares individuals to install, configure, and administer a variety of networking devices that are common in today's LAN environments. This certificate is intended for electronics and automation technicians whose duties include some computer and/or network maintenance. This certificate is also appropriate for students enrolled in the Electromechanical Technology Program at CVTC and adds value to that degree. This certificate may take two to three semesters to complete.

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Estimated Cost

Total Tuition & Fees: $1633.61

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