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Certificate Requirements

Certificate Requirements

Software Specialist

Certificate  |  TC-106-10

Effective: August 2024

First Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

102-109Business Analytics3103-170 or 103-102Students will utilize common business software to analyze datasets present in typical business management situations, translate the analysis into business recommendations that will improve business performance, and effectively create and present analysis recommendations to decision-makers.

103-102Microsoft Office Suite2The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to Microsoft Office Suite and how it is used in academic, personal, and business environments. The students will become familiar with the Office user interface and use it as they work with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Navigate the Office interface by using tabs, ribbons, and groups.

106-107Publications1Fall only | 103-102This course introduces design principles related to layout, graphics, and fonts. These principles will be applied in the development of effective print and digital business publications.

106-116Database1Fall only | 103-102This course incorporates database skills including how to plan, create, and manage data. Students will apply software features to the successful completion of business-related projects and scenarios.

106-122Document Processing1Spring only | 103-102This course provides students with opportunities to learn how to use advanced word processing applications. Students will use advanced word-processing features to create forms, templates, long documents, merged documents, and tables.

106-139Business Presentations1Spring only | 103-102This course provides students with an opportunity to learn and apply the skills needed to design and deliver professional business presentations.

106-169Applied Software1Fall only | or 102-109 and (106-107 and 106-116 and 106-122 and 106-172 and 106-139 or concurrent)Students in this course will build on existing software skills to develop the expertise business support professionals use to perform various office tasks. Students will use software to complete business-related projects and scenarios.

106-172Microsoft Outlook1Fall onlyIn this course students will utilize Microsoft Outlook to communicate by email, schedule appointments, and manage contact lists, tasks, and notes. Students will apply software features to the successful completion of business-related projects and scenarios.


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Total Credits Required: 11

2.0 Minimum Certificate GPA Required for Completion

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