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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Criminal Justice

Associate Degree  |  10-504-5  |  1-800-547-2882


Steps for Admission

  1. Submit an application for admission located at
  2. Pay the one-time $30 application processing fee.
  3. Education Requirement – Applicants who did not graduate from high school, are not currently high school seniors, and did not receive an HSED or GED diploma must complete one of the Ability to Benefit (ATB) options to demonstrate college readiness. For more details, please review CVTC’s ATB Program information at
  4. Complete an online Required Information Session (RIS) regarding the program content and expectations by following the directions as outlined below. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete the session. After viewing the videos and materials within the session, a questionnaire will need to be completed. Upon completing and submitting the questionnaire, Admissions will be notified by email that it was submitted. This email will be what is used to satisfy the requirement.

1. Go to

2. After viewing the brief introductory video, go to the "Click or Tap to Get Started - Access All Course Modules Here!" link.

3. After reviewing the information on the "College and Academic Advisor Information and Overiew" page, go to the very bottom of the page and choose "Next".

4. After reviewing the information and videos on the "Criminal Justice Program Information and Overview" page, scroll to the "Assignment" section at the bottom of the page and click on "REQUIRED Criminal Justice Information Worksheet".

5. Complete the questions on the "Criminal Justice Information Session Worksheet" and choose "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Submission notifies Admissions that you have satisfied the RIS requirement.

6. If you have any questions, please contact Student Central at

5. Complete a Wisconsin Criminal Background Check and Background Information Disclosure Form. For instructions to request a background check, please go to A $36 fee will be required at the time of your order. Background checks processed for other entities will not be accepted.

Please note: Your processed criminal history results are considered current for admission purposes for four years. If you are still enrolled as a student or re-enter CVTC after the four-year expiration date or if your background check results change from original results, you will be required to request and pay for another background check.

Once all the above items have been completed, you will be considered for enrollment based on current openings in the program.


Criminal Justice Program applicants should be aware that the following will prevent a person from being certified as a law enforcement officer:

  • a felony conviction
  • a domestic-related criminal conviction
  • a juvenile violation occurring in 1994 or after which would be a felony as an adult

Additional Information

  • Financial Aid – Information on financial aid availability, procedures, and deadlines may be obtained by going to the Financial Aid page or by calling 715-833-6200.
  • Transfer Credit – Applicants with postsecondary credits should submit an official transcript* to the Admissions Office at for evaluation and possible transfer credit.

*Official transcripts must be submitted directly to CVTC from the educational institution by USPS mail or other recognized mail service providers in a sealed envelope or from a digital credential service (i.e., Parchment) approved by CVTC.

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