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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Health Information Management & Technology

Associate Degree  |  10-530-6  |  1-800-547-2882


Steps for Admission

  • Phase I – Complete all steps in Phase I to be accepted as a pre-program Health Information Management and Technology student. Students who have pre-program status have been accepted into the college but not into the core program. Pre-program status may be granted because admission requirements need to be satisfied, the program is filled to capacity, or the program start date is in the future. Pre-program students are eligible for financial aid and will be invited to complete Phase II requirements and general education courses.  Pre-program students may not register for Health Information Management and Technology courses (530 numbered).
  • Phase II – If not completed at the time of application, complete all steps in Phase II to become program eligible or for placement on the waiting list.
  • Phase III – Students who needed to complete Phase II requirements will need to submit the Core Course Eligibility Form when the last Phase II requirement is satisfied to alert Admissions of program readiness.

Pre-program Requirement (Phase I)

  1. Submit an application for admission located at
  2. Pay the one-time $30 application processing fee.
  3. Education Requirement – Applicants who did not graduate from high school, are not currently high school seniors, and did not receive an HSED or GED diploma must complete one of the Ability to Benefit (ATB) options to demonstrate college readiness. For more details, please review CVTC’s ATB Program information at
  4. Assessment Range - submit ONE of the following by providing proof with a transcript or score sheet. You will be considered eligible for pre-program even if one of the below options is too low (except for the General Anatomy & Physiology requirement).
    • Minimum high school/GED/HSED GPA of 2.8
    • Minimum college GPA of 2.2 (6 or more credits)
    • Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree
    • 806-177 General Anatomy & Physiology Must obtain a “C” grade or better.
    • ACT® composite score 23
    • ACCUPLACER® (Next-Generation) Assessment composite score of 263. The composite score consists of Reading, Writing and Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS). ACCUPLACER® is an untimed, computerized test. To schedule an ACCUPLACER® appointment, visit our website: or contact Student Central at 715-833-6200. You will be subject to a testing fee.
      Compass® and ACCUPLACER® (Classic) scores are accepted as well. Contact Student Central at 715-833-6200 for additional information. 
  5. Complete a Wisconsin Criminal Background Check and Background Information Disclosure Form – For instructions to request a background check, please go to A hardcopy instruction packet can be supplied upon request by calling 715-833-6200. A $39 fee will be required at the time of your order. Background checks processed for other entities will not be accepted.

Core Program Requirement (Phase II)

  1. Submit proof of completion of the academic prerequisites biology with a “C” grade or better in one of the following ways:
    1. Two semesters at the high school level with a "C" grade or better each semester (high school transcript)
      Note: High school seniors currently enrolled in prerequisite classes must submit proof of current enrollment OR
    2. One semester at the postsecondary level with a "C" grade or better (college transcript), OR
    3. Complete equivalent college-level courses (offered for credit at CVTC as 836-113 Prep for Basic Biology).
  2. Meet and submit proof of one of the above assessment range scores listed in Phase I. In order to be eligible for the core program, you must provide a transcript or score sheet that shows you have met the minimum requirements.

Core Course Eligibility (Phase III)

Applicants who meet all requirements in Phase I and II will be accepted or placed on a waiting list as of the date all documentation is received.

  1. Core Course Eligibility – Applicants meeting one of the scores or options listed above in Phase I and completing Phase II requirements must submit a completed Core Course Eligibility Form (CCE Form) to the Admissions Office.
    • Prior to the end of each term you will be notified through student email of the CCE Form submission date for that term. You are also encouraged to check with the Admissions Office prior to the end of the term in which you are completing a pathway and coursework to find out the exact CCE Form submission date.
    • On the form applicants should indicate the August semester and year they will be prepared to begin Health Information Technology core courses. Applicants are placed on waiting lists by the date of eligibility regardless of the semester and year requested.
    • Students completing all of Phase I and Phase II requirements will be accepted or placed on a waiting list only when the Core Course Eligibility Form is on file.

Additional Information

  • A Pre-Entrance Health History and Physical Examination must be on file three weeks prior to entering the core courses (530 numbered) of the Health Information Management & Technology program. The Admissions Office will mail a Pre-Entrance Health History and Physical Exam form to you at the appropriate time with a specified deadline.
  • Financial Aid – Information on financial aid availability, procedures, and deadlines may be obtained by going to or by calling 715-833-6200.
  • Transfer Credit – Applicants with postsecondary credits should submit an official transcript* to the Admissions Office at for evaluation and possible transfer credit.

*Official transcripts must be submitted directly to CVTC from the educational institution by USPS mail or other recognized mail service providers in a sealed envelope or from a digital credential service (i.e., Parchment) approved by CVTC.

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