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Associate of Science - University Transfer

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Academic Advising & Student Success

Academic advisors assist students with developing academic plans based on their degree evaluations. Their goal is to plan the right pathway to graduation by maximizing students' potential and ensuring success based on the student's previous academic experience, career path, and responsibilities outside of being a student. Student success specialists assist students in overcoming barriers that many students encounter over their academic career. Their goal is to help students become academically successful by assisting with goal setting, interpersonal issues, success plans, and community-based referrals. More information can be found on Commons (Student Services & Support).

Technology Requirements

Students should have access to a computer/device with reliable Wi-Fi at home/off-campus. 

Academic Support

Free academic help including drop-in tutoring, test preparation, and technology support available online and face-to-face. More information is available on Commons (Student Services & Support).

Degree Options

Students have the option to complete the University Transfer Liberal Arts – Associate of Science degree at CVTC or strategically choose to do coursework that will transfer to the postsecondary institution of their choice. CVTC works closely with our partner schools, UW-Eau Claire, UW-River Falls, and UW-Stout, to provide general transfer guides. Please see an academic advisor for further information. Disclaimer: For CVTC's Liberal Arts graduation requirements, Native American History cannot fulfill both a humanities requirement and a diversity/ethnic studies requirement.

If a student plans on transferring after their time at CVTC, it is beneficial to "think through" what bachelor's degree they are interested in pursuing. College websites can be helpful in determining a student's next steps. To best utilize the courses offered here at CVTC for transfer, students should make contact with the intended future institution and specific program to gain information on required coursework for that program. This information will inform a student's decision when it comes to selecting which CVTC courses to take. If you are interested in transferring to UW-Eau Claire, UW-River Falls, or UW-Stout and would like help through this process, please contact our UW-Transfer Academic Advisor, Sarah Schliesmann at or schedule an appointment at


The Liberal Arts – Associate of Science degree requires a minimum of 11 elective credits in order to complete the program. Electives may include credits that come from any listed category or approved alternate 100-level courses. Students should consult with an academic advisor for approvals of courses not listed within the program requirements.

Transfer Planning for U

All new and incoming University Transfer Liberal Arts students' first-semester schedule is only complete with a section of 890-204 Transfer Planning for U on it! In this course, students acquire an understanding of the liberal arts curriculum and construct a specific plan through this curriculum toward future transfer or career. Students become familiar with academic and student support services and learn strategies that will help them to succeed in academics and advance in a career. This 1 credit class will count towards the elective category. If you have questions, please contact your academic advisor.  

Transferring Credits

Students planning to transfer to a University of Wisconsin school can utilize to research schools, identify transfer coordinators, and review the application process. To determine what courses may transfer, utilize Students should also contact the college or university they are pursuing to determine exactly what the school will accept and when to seek admission. Students should maintain contact with the other institution, given that program requirements are subject to change. Students can also find Transfer Guides for our three partner schools, UW-Eau Claire, UW-River Falls, and UW-Stout, on the right hand side of the page under Transfer Information. Sarah Schliesmann (referenced above) can help students interested in our three partner universities through this process from start to finish.

Career Services

One way to explore career paths is to take advantage of CVTC's workshops and online career assessments. These tools will help students explore career interests, skills confidence, and work values. After completing the assessment, students will be matched with potential occupations. CVTC offers several two-hour Career Decisions Workshops to discuss the results throughout the year. Visit the Career Planning page under the Student Services and Support page in Commons to take the assessment or to register for a workshop.

Tailwind Placement Exam and Liberal Arts Course Placement

To sign up for the Tailwind Placement Exam or to find study materials, students can visit or call 715-833-6200. Cost for the exam is $25. The need to complete this exam varies by the type of class students are interested in taking.

Math – Students who intend on taking a Liberal Arts math course may need to take the Tailwind Placement Exam. This exam will help place students into the correct level of math in relation to abilities. If students decide not to take the Tailwind Exam they can enroll in 804-118 Intermediate Algebra w/Apps as a prerequisite or concurrent course to either 804-224 College Algebra or 804-230 Statistics. Higher levels of math require a placement score or additional prerequisite courses.

Spanish – Students who have significant coursework/experience in the Spanish language can take the Tailwind Placement Exam to place into Spanish 2. If a student places into Spanish 2 and completes the course successfully they will earn credits for Spanish 1 as well. A placement test is not required for placement into Spanish 1.


Several courses in the Liberal Arts program have required prerequisites. Please use this as a guide in selecting courses.

804-118 Intermediate Algebra or Tailwind Placement Exam is a prerequisite for:
804-224 College Algebra
804-230 Statistics
806-245 Principles of General Chemistry 1

804-224 College Algebra or Tailwind Placement Exam is a prerequisite for:
804-228 Plane Trigonometry
806-276 Principles of General Physics 1

804-224 College Algebra and 804-228 Plane Trigonometry or Tailwind Placement Exam is a prerequisite for:
804-236 Calculus & Analytic Geometry 1

Demanding Coursework

Students should be prepared for general education coursework at the 200-level that is more challenging than general education courses at the 100-level, which support other associate degrees and technical diploma programs. Students have flexibility regarding how many credits they enroll in each semester of this program.

Computer Skills

Basic computer knowledge is required to complete class assignments.

Delivery Formats

In addition to traditional face-to-face, some courses are available in other delivery formats. Visit for more information on delivery options. Not all Liberal Arts courses are offered each semester. Plan ahead and register for a course when it is available. 

Financial Aid Consideration

Courses must be part of the student’s program to be eligible although some specific courses may not be eligible for financial aid. Students must follow their program requirements to be eligible for financial aid. To be eligible for financial aid, students must maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress of a 2.0 Term GPA, 2.0 Cumulative GPA, complete 67% of attempted credits each semester, and complete their program by the time 150% of the published credits have been attempted.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

CPL offers CVTC students an opportunity to earn college credit toward an associate degree or technical diploma for previous knowledge and mastered skills directly related to program curriculum. Previous knowledge and skills may be the result of work or volunteer experiences, certifications, apprenticeships, military experience, and courses completed at other institutions. If a student wishes to attempt CPL for a course in progress, it is imperative that CPL is attempted within the first week to be eligible for a tuition refund. More information can be found at

Students with Disabilities

CVTC welcomes individuals with disabilities. We will provide and coordinate reasonable accommodations for all individuals with documented disabilities. Students that might benefit from accommodations during their college experience at CVTC can contact Diversity Resources at 715-833-6234 or to determine what accommodations they may be eligible for and what documentation may be required.

Title IX Pregnancy and Postpartum

CVTC does not discriminate against any student on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions and will fully comply with Title IX regulations. Absences due to medical conditions relating to pregnancy and maternity leave will be excused for as long as deemed medically necessary by a student's medical provider, and students will be given the opportunity to make up missed work. Students are encouraged to contact Diversity Resources at 715-833-6234 or to set up an appointment as soon as the pregnancy is known.

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