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Technical Diploma  |  30-101-3  |  1-800-547-2882


Program Description

Designed for small businesses seeking to better perform routine accounting and payroll transactions, individuals seeking employment as an entry-level bookkeeper, or individuals currently employed seeking to expand their basic accounting skills and knowledge. Participants will learn to process basic financial transactions and perform payroll operations. With this credential, learners can advance their skills to better meet the needs of small businesses to perform routine accounting tasks and reduce costs for accounting services.

Career Prospects

Upon completion of this technical diploma, students can expect the following career prospects:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Associate Billing Representative
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Payable Clerk

Academic Advising & Student Success

Academic Advisors assist students with developing academic plans based on their degree evaluations.  Their goal is to plan the right pathway to graduation by maximizing student's potential and ensuring success based on the student's previous academic experience, career path, and responsibilities outside of being a student.  Student Success Specialists assist students in overcoming barriers that many students encounter over their academic career.  Their goal is to help students become more academically successful by assisting with goal setting, interpersonal issues, success plans, and community-based referrals.  More information can be found on Commons (Student Services & Support).

Academic Support

Free academic help including drop-in tutoring, test preparation, and technology support available online and face-to-face. More information is available on Commons (Student Services & Support).

Technology Requirements

Students must have regular access to a computer with an internet connection. Additionally, students will be required to have a webcam and headset with a microphone and speakers. Students may purchase a webcam and headset from anywhere they choose. The following items meet the recommendations: Logitech USB Headset Mono 650 and the Logitech Webcam C310 HD.

Having access to a laptop/computer with reliable Wi-Fi will be necessary. Please check your laptop/computer to make sure that it meets the minimum recommended specifications below:


Operating System:
Windows 10 64-bit (preferred)
Windows 8.1 (32 or 64-bit)

Hard Drive: 256GB SSD
Processor: 2.4+ GHz

Students with Disabilities

CVTC welcomes individuals with disabilities. We will provide and coordinate reasonable accommodations for all individuals with documented disabilities. Students that might benefit from accommodations during their college experience at CVTC can contact Diversity Resources at 715-833-6234 or to determine what accommodations they may be eligible for and what documentation may be required.

Title IX Pregnancy and Parenting

CVTC does not discriminate against any student on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions and will fully comply with Title IX regulations. Absences due to medical conditions relating to pregnancy and maternity leave will be excused for as long as deemed medically necessary by a student's medical provider, and students will be given the opportunity to make up missed work. Students are encouraged to contact Diversity Resources at 715-833-6234 or to set up an appointment as soon as the pregnancy is known.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

CPL offers CVTC students an opportunity to earn college credit towards an associate degree or technical diploma for previous knowledge and mastered skills directly related to program curriculum. Previous knowledge and skills may be the result of work or volunteer experience, certifications, apprenticeships, military experience, and courses completed at other institutions. If a student wished to attempt CPL for a course in progress, it is imperative that CPL is attempted within the first week of the class to be eligible for a tuition refund. More information can be found at

Computer Literacy

To be successful in this program students must possess basic computer skills before entry, which includes basic computer operations and basic keyboarding skills (must type at least 20 words per minute). If you do not feel comfortable with basic computer skills, you can take 103-102 Microsoft Office Suite before starting the program or during your first semester.

Financial Aid Consideration

This program does not qualify for financial aid.

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