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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Truck Driving

Technical Diploma  |  30-458-1  |  1-800-547-2882


Two options, full-time or part-time:

  1. Full-time/daytime (10 weeks): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    • This option has a June, August & January start
  2. Part-time evening/weekend (16 weeks): Tuesday & Thursday from 5 - 10 p.m. & Saturday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    • This option has an August & January start

Steps for Admission

  1. Submit an application for admission located at
  2. Pay the one-time $30 application processing fee.
  3. Submit a copy of a valid FedMed Card (Medical Examiner’s Certificate) obtained at a provider listed below to the Admissions Office at Students are required to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam to determine if they are physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle.  Upon successful completion of the physical, students will receive their FedMed Card (Medical Examiner’s Certificate) and will need to have this in hand to obtain a CDL permit.

The following Wisconsin medical facilities can conduct DOT physicals and the cost can range from $90-$150 depending on the provider.

  1. Prevea Health
    • Eau Claire: 715-839-5175 | 715-717-7455 | 715-717-6700
    • Menomonie: 715-309-4451
    • Altoona: 715-717-6885
    • Chippewa Falls: 715-723-9138
  2. Mayo Clinic Health System:
    • Barron: 715-537-6747
    • Eau Claire: 715-838-5279
    • Rice Lake: 715-537-6747
  3. Sacred Heart Hospital: 715-717-4944
  4. St. Joseph’s Hospital: 715-723-1811
  5. Hudson Physicians: 715-531-6860
  6. Marshfield Clinic: 715-858-4477
  7. Aspirus Occupational Health Clinic:
    • Wausau: 715-847-2812
    • Stevens Point: 715-342-1185
    • M Health Fairview Clinic – River Falls: 715-425-6701

Once all the above items have been completed, you will be considered for enrollment based on current openings in the program.

Additional Program Requirements and Information

Additional Information

  • CDL Permit – Once you meet the Admission Requirements noted above, more detailed information will be provided to you regarding the CDL Permit. You will be encouraged to obtain your CDL permit prior to the program start. The cost of the permit is around $30. Students will need to review general knowledge, air brakes, and combination vehicle tests to obtain the CDL permit.

  • Financial Aid – Information on financial aid availability, procedures, and deadlines may be obtained by going to the Financial Aid page or by calling 715-833-6200.
  • Transfer Credit – Applicants with postsecondary credits should submit an official transcript* to the Admissions Office at for evaluation and possible transfer credit. *Official transcripts must be submitted directly to CVTC from the educational institution by USPS mail or other recognized mail service providers in a sealed envelope or from a digital credential service (i.e., Parchment) approved by CVTC.
  • DOT Controlled Substance Test – On the first day of class, students will complete their first DOT Controlled Substance Test in addition to the urinalysis done during the DOT Physical. This is a urinalysis that tests for the following five drugs: Marijuana (THC metabolite), Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates (including heroin), and PCP. A “negative” controlled substance test result is required for continuation in this program, and you may be randomly selected for substance testing.
  • Driving Record & Background Checks – Driving records and background checks typically do not stop students from participating in the CVTC Truck Driving program. However, if students are concerned that driving records or background check may be an obstacle to finding employment, it is encouraged to contact five potential employers to confirm the record won’t hinder them from finding employment after completing the program.
  • Veterans – Please contact the Veteran’s Benefit Representative in Room 113 at the Clairemont Campus or call 715-833-6272 to check on eligibility of benefits.
  • English Language Fluency – Applicants must be able to read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, understand highway traffic signs and signals, respond to official inquiries, and make entries on reports and records.
  • Additional Preparation – Individualized assistance is available for students planning to enter the Truck Driving program who want to brush up on spelling, form writing, textbook reading, and/or math. This assistance is available in the Academic Skills Center. Call 715-833-6400 for more information.

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