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Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Academy

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How to Become a Trained and Certifiable Police Officer in Wisconsin

Law enforcement certification provides training to meet minimum standards as established by the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, Bureau of Training and Standards, and the Law Enforcement Standards Board to enter the law enforcement profession. CVTC offers the Law Enforcement Academy, however, this is separate from the Criminal Justice Associate Degree program.

​To eligible for Law Enforcement Academy students must:

  • Complete 60 college semester credits (or obtain Associate Degree)
  • Successfully complete a Physical Readiness Assessment (PRA)
    • Details regarding the PRA can be found at the WI DOJ Website > Careers Forms & Reciprocity
  • Apply and interview
  • Pass criminal background check
  • Complete medical assessment​​
  • Meet other requirements set by the WI Department of Justice-Law Enforcement Training and Standards Bureau​

Criminal Background/Driving History

Prospective students must be aware that their criminal background/driving history will directly impact their employability in the law enforcement field. While most convictions or a poor driving record do not bar a person from a law enforcement certification, it may make it very difficult to obtain employment in the field. Types of convictions that would prevent acceptance into the Law Enforcement Academy and prohibit employment in the law enforcement field include any domestic violence criminal convictions and felony convictions. Juveniles who have been adjudicated delinquent of an act which would bar them from possessing a firearm as an adult​ cannot be certified as a law enforcement officer.

Class Offerings

The Law Enforcement Academy class schedule runs 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays for approximately 20 weeks (720 hours). There are some additional required evening hours scheduled throughout the program. The program combines lecture with hands on, scenario based training and testing procedures.​

Online Resources

Whether you are taking one online class, or you are taking your whole program online, CVTC has support and resources available to help you prepare for online learning, and to help you succeed. Visit our Online Learner Resources page in Commons.

Students with Disabilities

CVTC welcomes individuals with disabilities. We will provide and coordinate reasonable accommodations for all individuals with documented disabilities. Students that might benefit from accommodations during their college experience at CVTC can contact Diversity Resources at 715-833-6234 or to determine what accommodations they may be eligible for and what documentation may be required.

Title IX Pregnancy and Postpartum

CVTC does not discriminate against any student on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions and will fully comply with Title IX regulations. Absences due to medical conditions relating to pregnancy and maternity leave will be excused for as long as deemed medically necessary by a student's medical provider, and students will be given the opportunity to make up missed work. Students are encouraged to contact Diversity Resources at 715-833-6234 or to set up an appointment as soon as the pregnancy is known.

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