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Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Clinical Assistant

Technical Diploma  |  30-509-4

Start Dates: August, January

Effective: August 2024

First Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

501-308Pharmacology for Allied Health2Weeks 9-16 | Program student; 509-302 and 509-304 or concurrent with a "C" or better; Corequisite: 509-306 | Minimum grade of "C" required.Introduces students to classifying medications into correct drug categories and applying basic pharmacology principles. Students apply basic pharmacodynamics to identifying common medications, medication preparation, and administration of medications used by the major body systems.

509-302Human Body in Health & Disease3min score of Y on Biology Satisfied or 836-113 with a "C" or better | Minimum grade of "C" required.Focuses on diseases that are frequently first diagnosed and treated in the medical office setting. Students learn to recognize human anatomy and the causes, signs, and symptoms of diseases of the major body systems as well as the diagnostic procedures, usual treatment, prognosis and prevention of common diseases.

509-303Medical Asst Lab Procedures 12Program student; Corequisite: 509-304 | Minimum grade of "C" required.Introduces medical assistant students to laboratory procedures commonly performed by medical assistants in a medical office setting. Students perform CLIA waived routine laboratory procedures commonly performed in the ambulatory care setting. Students follow laboratory safety requirements and federal regulations while performing specimen collection and processing microbiology and urinalysis testing.

509-304Medical Asst Clin Procedures 14Weeks 1-8 | Program student; 509-302 or concurrent with a "C" or better; Corequisite: 509-303 | Minimum grade of "C" required.Introduces medical assistant students to the clinical procedures performed in the medical office setting. Students perform basic examining room skills including screening, vital signs, patient history, minor surgery, and patient preparation for routine and specialty exams in the ambulatory care setting.

509-306Medical Asst Clin Procedures 23Weeks 9-16 | Program student; 509-303 and 509-304 and 509-302 and 509-309 or concurrent with a "C" or better | Minimum grade of "C" required.Prepares medical assistant students to perform patient care skills in the medical office setting. Students perform clinical procedures including administering medications, performing an electrocardiogram, assisting with respiratory testing, educating patients/community, assisting with emergency preparedness in an ambulatory care setting.

509-309Medical Law, Ethics & Profess2Minimum grade of "C" required.Prepares students to display professionalism and perform within ethical and legal boundaries in the health care setting. Students maintain confidentiality, examine legal aspects of the medical record, perform quality improvement procedures, examine legal and bioethical issues, and demonstrate awareness of diversity.

509-320Clinical Assistant Practicum1Weekday, daytime clinical - 64 hours; Weeks 9-16, 1 day a week and 2 days after end of the semester | Program student; 501-308 and 509-302 and 509-303 and 509-304 and 509-306 and 509-309 or concurrent with a "C" or better | Minimum grade of "C" required.Requires clinical assistant students to integrate and apply knowledge and skills from all previous clinical assistant courses in actual ambulatory health care settings. Learners perform clinical assistant clinical and laboratory duties under the supervision of trained mentors to effectively transition to the role of a medical assistant. This is a supervised, unpaid, clinical experience.



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Minimum Program Credits Required: 17

2.0 Minimum Program Cumulative GPA Required for Graduation
If a student does not enroll in any courses at CVTC for two or more consecutive semesters, the student will be required to reapply with Admissions. Students must abide by any changes in admission requirements and degree requirements.

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