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Program Requirements

Program Requirements


Technical Diploma  |  31-145-2

Start Dates: August

Effective: August 2023

First Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

101-105Accounting, Intro to3This is an introductory course designed to introduce the learner to the basic accounting language and concepts of business entities. Skills such as, analyzing business transactions, applying fundamental accounting concepts, identifying accounting control procedures, and evaluating financial statements will be developed. This course is intended for the non-accounting major.

101-149Intro to QuickBooks2This is a computerized accounting course where the student is expected to have a basic understanding of the accounting fundamentals to be applied to the QuickBooks bookkeeping system. The learner will post transactions within the system including receipting for cash sales and sales on account as well as purchasing on account and with cash. The learner will also perform the bank reconciliations and financial statement preparation with the QuickBooks system.

102-130Innovative Business Mindset3In this course, students will define the traits and mindset of entrepreneurs. Students will use tools to determine their personal entrepreneurial traits. Students will examine a variety of entrepreneurial companies (small, social, and global). Students will understand the difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Students will evaluate existing business plans.

104-102Marketing Principles3Marketing of products and services. Concentrates on product, price, place, promotion, market segmentation, target marketing, pricing, market research, physical distribution and distribution channels.

145-103Entrepreneurial Ideas3Fall onlyIn this course, students will generate ideas for entrepreneurial businesses, analyze market conditions, and determine the opportunities that exist for an entrepreneurial venture. Students will learn about lean startups and determine the product-market fit/viability of the business idea. Ideas in this course will be used and refined in the capstone course.

145-104Entrepreneurial Communication2Fall onlyIn this course, students will develop the soft skills that are essential for entrepreneurs: networking, formal and informal presentations, professional business writing, and listening. Students will establish a mentor relationship which will be maintained for the remainder of the program. Students will identify local resources available for entrepreneurs. Ideas in this course will be used and refined in the capstone course.


Second Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

101-172Business Finance3101-105 or 101-111In this course aspects of organizational finance will be explored. Students will learn how to interpret financial statements as well as learning the process of budget analysis. It is imperative that leaders understand how to control and analyze the budgets they are responsible for.

102-160Business Law3Business Law is designed to help the student develop an understanding of the law and the relationship of the legal system to the business world. After consideration of the legal system, the course reviews contracts, sales and lease contracts, warranties, product liability, consumer law, bailments, creditors' rights, and bankruptcy.

145-106Entrepreneurial Management3Spring only | 145-103In this course, students will learn leadership concepts and develop basic management/operational policies. Students will learn how to develop sound operational practices. Students will examine human resource functions such as hiring, managing, and motivating employees. Ideas in this course will be used and refined in the capstone course.

145-108Entrepreneurial Marketing2Spring only | 104-102 and 145-103In this course, students will gain insights essential for marketing an entrepreneurial venture utilizing innovative and financially responsible techniques. Students will analyze marketing strategies used by a variety of successful entrepreneurs. Ideas in this course will be used and refined in the capstone course.

145-109Entrepreneurial Capstone3Spring only, Instructor approval | 145-103In this course, students will compile knowledge of entrepreneurial program classes and will build a business plan. Students will develop plans for the marketing, management, operational, and financial sections of a business plan. Students will walk away with a ready-to-implement plan to launch their ventures.



Course Title

###-### | # Credits

Course Description

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Minimum Program Credits Required: 30

2.0 Minimum Program Cumulative GPA Required for Graduation
If a student does not enroll in any courses at CVTC for two or more consecutive semesters, the student will be required to reapply with Admissions. Students must abide by any changes in admission requirements and degree requirements.

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