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Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration (HVACR) Technician

Technical Diploma  |  31-401-1

Start Dates: August

Effective: August 2023

First Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

601-105Refrigeration Principles2601-106 and 601-140 and 601-148 or concurrentIn this course, the student will properly use tools and test equipment for installation and servicing of domestic and commercial refrigeration systems. Soldering, brazing and flaring of copper tube systems is an essential skill developed in this course.

601-106Refrigeration Theory1This course will cover the basic refrigeration cycle and components. Different refrigerants and proper handling will also be included.

601-107Heating Theory1This course will cover the basics of how heat is transferred, moved and the properties of combustion.

601-108Prncples of Gas Heat & Airfl2601-107 and 601-140 and 601-148 or concurrentGas heating systems are evaluated and tested. Operation, service and maintenance are performed on gas heating systems. Evaluating the proper airflow patterns for a variety of applications is emphasized. Prerequisites are required.

601-109Prin of Oil, Elec & Hydron Htg1601-107 and 601-140 and 601-148 or concurrentOil, electric and hydronic heating systems are evaluated and tested. Operation, service and maintenance are performed on oil, electric and hydronic heating systems. Prerequisites are required.

601-116Principles of Air Conditioning2601-106 and 601-140 and 601-148 or concurrentThe purpose of this course will help the student understand how air is treated by air conditioning equipment to maintain our health, comfort, and cooling environment. The principles of air conditioning will be covered with a look at various types of air conditioning equipment. Equipment included would be air conditioners, heat pumps (geothermal and air-to-air) rooftops and other types of related equipment. This course will assist the student in understanding the principles that underlie present day air conditioning equipment, both residential and commercial.

601-123HVACR Industry Skills 11This course is designed to teach the student specific skills related to the Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) industry.

601-125Safety - HVAC1Program studentThis course provides OSHA based safety training for the HVAC industry.

601-140Electricity Theory1This course will cover the fundamentals of electricity as related to air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration. Ohms Law, circuits, direct and alternating current will be introduced.

601-146Schematic Wiring-HVACR1601-140 and 601-148 or concurrentThe primary focus of this class is learning to read and interpret schematic symbols and diagrams. Students will be able to wire and operate various HVAC equipment using the schematics found on the equipment. They will also be able to identify individual circuits and their function when given a schematic diagram.

601-148Electricity Principles2601-140 or concurrentWiring and physical properties as they are related to electricity will be covered. Motors, controls and electrical meters used in the HVAC/R industry will be covered and applied.


Second Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

601-118Sustainability for HVAC1The purpose of this course is to answer the question, what is sustainability? The student will explore how sustainability is integrated into HVAC/R systems and building management systems. Improving efficiencies in systems and buildings would be the major goal.

601-121HVAC/R Service & Applications3Program student; 601-116 and 601-105 and 601-106Students learn the techniques to install, test, maintain, and troubleshoot residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Students will have the benefit of learning in a well-equipped lab that provides experience on both residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Equipment such as heat pumps (geothermal and air-to-air), rooftop air conditioners, walk-in freezers and furnaces, boilers, and other HVAV/R types of equipment will be worked on.

601-122HVACR Industry Skills 21Program studentThis course is designed to teach the student specific skills related to the Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) industry.

601-130Sheet Metal Layout1The student will layout and fabricate a variety of sheet metal fittings. Safe working practices are reviewed and stressed. The proper use of hand tools, shears, benders and other types of sheet metal equipment are detailed and demonstrated. One and two piece duct, reducers, elbows, offsets, plenums, drive cleats, S-locks, and square to round transitions are fabricated and assembled.

601-144Solar/Wind Applications2This course provides an overview of solar water heating, solar air heating, solar photovoltaic and wind applications. Students will be involved in the installation, maintenance, service and performance of these systems. Passive and active solar systems will be reviewed. The declination angle and the effect it has on the sun's radiation during winter and summer is detailed in site evaluation. The student will be given the opportunity to explore and evaluate small wind systems.

601-145Geothermal Applications1This course explores the use of air source heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps in the HVAC industry. Students work on actual systems and learn the basics of installation, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting. The economics and practical applications are also examined.

601-147Schematic Wiring-Trblshtng1601-140 and 601-148 and 601-146 or concurrentThis course focuses on having students use their knowledge of schematics and electricity to troubleshoot a variety of HVAC/R systems. Both computer simulations and actual working equipment will be used to provide experience in troubleshooting. Emphasis will be on proper use of multi-meters and other electrical testing equipment to determine underlying faults.

601-151Technical Problems-HVAC2Program student; 601-107 and 601-108 and 601-109This course utilizes the knowledge gained in previous courses. The student will be asked to diagnose and troubleshoot a variety of electrical and mechanical problems found on actual HVAC/R equipment. These problems are also simulated using computer programs. The student will complete a detailed start-up analysis on a gas and oil furnace.

601-153Basic Home Automation1This course introduces the basics of home automation. The student will learn how to wire and program thermostats, install and set-up wireless thermostats, and learn the basic programming of simple whole home automation including security, lighting and interior comfort.

601-163Residential HVAC Load Calcs2This course introduces basic air properties psychometrics, basic manual calculation principles from ACCA Manual J and various computer software heat loss and heat gains on residential.

801-196Oral/Interpersonal Comm3Focuses on developing effective listening techniques and verbal and nonverbal communication skills through oral presentation, group activity, and other projects. The study of self, conflict, and cultural contexts will be explored, as well as their impact on communication.



Course Title

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Course Description

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Minimum Program Credits Required: 33

2.0 Minimum Program Cumulative GPA Required for Graduation
If a student does not enroll in any courses at CVTC for two or more consecutive semesters, the student will be required to reapply with Admissions. Students must abide by any changes in admission requirements and degree requirements.

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