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Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Electrical Power Distribution

Technical Diploma  |  31-413-2

Start Dates: June

Effective: June 2024

First Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

413-310Basic EPD Safety2Program studentThis theory course will introduce the concepts of basic Lineworker safety on the job including how to use fall protection, personal protective equipment, chainsaws, knots, rigging, and communications, both verbal and utilizing hand signals. First Aid and CPR certification (Including becoming familiar with an Automated External Defibrillator) will be obtained in this course.

413-311Intro to Pole Climbing2Program studentThis outdoor lab course is an introductory course on how to properly climb poles and towers utilizing fall protection. Poles up to 40' tall will be climbed on a daily basis. Students will be working in groups towards the end of this course to "wreck out/retire" old power lines and equipment from the previous year's students. Students will be expected to wear all personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times including: Hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, long sleeve shirts, and the proper approved fall restraint system.

413-312Basic EPD Electricity1Program studentThis classroom/theory course has an emphasis on basic electrical theory including Ohm's Law and magnetism. This course explains where electricity comes from and how to measure volts, amperes, ohms, and watts properly. Basic and advanced math skills will be utilized including: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, fractions, decimals, etc.

413-313URD Installation & Termination2Program studentThis hands-on lab course will introduce the student on how to properly operate the following equipment: digger-derrick truck, skid-steer, trencher, backhoe, plow (for installing underground cable). Students will install underground cable, learn how to properly terminate the cable for overhead pole use and underground pad-mount use. Simulated underground wire switching procedures will be introduced in this course.

804-360Math for Technical Trades2Math for Technical Trades is an applied technical math course. The course includes arithmetic, measurement calculation, formula manipulation, basic geometry, right triangle trigonometry, and interpretation of visual displays of data, with an emphasis on contextualized technical applications.


Second Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

413-320Intermediate EPD Electricity41st 8 Weeks | Program student; 413-310 and 413-311 and 413-312 and 413-313 and (804-360 or 804-363)This theory course builds off of the basic Ohm's law concepts taught in the Basic Electricity course and transgresses into deeper concepts including: Alternating Current vs. Direct Current, work, single phase power & energy concepts, parallel and combination circuits, single phase transformers, as well as measuring resistance, reactance (both inductive and capacitive), and impedance. Wire sizing and resistance will be discussed. The student will frequently utilized higher level math concepts including: algebra, Pythagorean Theorem, square root, trigonometry functions (Sine, Cosine, Tangent), vectors and reciprocal formulas.

413-321OH Line Design & Construction51st 8 Weeks | Program student; 413-310 and 413-311 and 413-312 and 413-313 and (804-360 or 804-363)This outdoor lab course will introduce the students to power line insulators, line pole information, reading and following a specification manual, staking power lines for new construction, right of way clearance and procedures along with constructing a distribution line from scratch. Each student will participate in tension stringing of ACSR wire, sagging and clipping in the wire to the insulators along with installing armor rod where necessary. Team work and practicing safe work practices will be emphasized heavily during this course. Students will also learn guying and anchoring concepts. Students will acquire a Medic/First Aid & CPR with AED Certification.

458-307CDL License Training-Online21st 8 WeeksProvides current rules and regulations training regarding driving a tractor-trailer through online delivery.

458-308CDL License Training-Pre-Trip11st 8 Weeks | 458-307 and (458-309 or 458-310 or concurrent)Provides skills related to earning a CDL for students whose primary career is not driving. Pre-trip inspection procedures and backing exercises.

458-309CDL License Training - Lab12nd 8 Weeks | 458-307 and 458-308 or concurrentProvides skills related to earning a CDL for students whose primary career is not driving. Pre-trip inspection, backing, shifting and driving techniques with a tractor trailer are covered.

801-357Applied Written/Job Seek Comm11st 8 WeeksThis course emphasizes the importance of effective workplace writing and the practical components of job-seeking skills. Students will acquire practical, business-related skills through reading, writing, revising, and grammar exercises. Additionally, they will polish a resume, practice their interview skills, explore a company's background, assess and refine their personal career goals, and establish a purpose for writing in their career field.

809-351Occupational Relations22nd 8 WeeksThis course is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of the human relations skills necessary to succeed in a total quality work environment. This will include workplace trends, team-building skills, customer and co-worker relations, attitude and motivation, safety and stress management, diversity, employment law, and financial and benefits planning.


Third Semester

Course #Course TitleCreditsPrerequisites/Comments

413-330Advanced EPD Safety28 Weeks | Program student; 413-310 and 413-311 and 413-312 and 413-313 and (804-360 or 804-363)This theory course teaches students how to properly ground electrical apparatus, how to de-energize, test, and ground out a power line. Proper procedures on lock out/tag out will also be discussed. Proper procedures on how to safely remove capacitors and voltage regulators from service will be discussed in great detail. The safety manual will be utilized extensively to teach students how to prevent injuries on the job.

413-331Power Line Apparatus28 Weeks | Program student; 413-310 and 413-311 and 413-312 and 413-313 and 413-320 and 413-321 and (804-360 or 804-363)This lab course will teach students how to install, connect, and perform basic maintenance pole mounted transformers, fused cutouts, power line capacitors, Oil Circuit reclosers, sectionalizers, switches and voltage regulators. Personal protective grounding will be emphasized in this course using hands-on training.

413-332Advanced EPD Electricity28 Weeks | Program student; 413-310 and 413-311 and 413-312 and 413-313 and 413-320 and 413-321 and (804-360 or 804-363)In this theory course, students will learn all the concepts attributed to both single phase power and three phase power including transformer connections. Overcurrent & Overvoltage protective devices will be introduced. The operation, installation and maintenance of voltage regulators will be discussed.

413-333Transmission Line Construction28 Weeks | Program student; 413-310 and 413-311 and 413-312 and 413-313 and 413-320 and 413-321 and (804-360 or 804-363)In this outdoor lab course students will "wreck out" complete transmission power line structures, then construct them from scratch without using a bucket truck. Poles/structures will be climbed up to 70' high.

806-342Science for Technical Trades28 Weeks | 804-360 or 804-134Provides an introduction to basic physical principles involved in precision measurement, mechanics, hydraulics, thermodynamics, and electronics to students. Practical utilization of these principles in various technologies is analyzed with reinforcement from problem solving and laboratory exercises.


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Minimum Program Credits Required: 35

2.0 Minimum Program Cumulative GPA Required for Graduation
If a student does not enroll in any courses at CVTC for two or more consecutive semesters, the student will be required to reapply with Admissions. Students must abide by any changes in admission requirements and degree requirements.

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