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Academic & Financial Aid Appeals

Academic Appeals

If you were informed to appeal for academic or financial aid reasons, you must complete an appeal request form and provide supporting documentation related to your appeal.

​The Appeals committee, comprised of representatives from College Administration, will review requests for appeal.

Important Dates

If you are appealing your Financial Aid suspension only, you may submit your appeal immediately.

If you are appealing your academic dismissal, please follow the appeal submission dates below. If you were dismissed more than one semester in the past, you may appeal immediately. Appeals will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated within 30 days via mail.




April 1


July 1


November 1

Deadline for appeal submission is three business days prior to the desired term.

If your appeal is approved and reinstatement granted, you are obligated to meet the requirements of your success plan. Your plan will be evaluated at the end of the next term of enrollment to ensure that you met all requirements. If your appeal is denied, you will be informed of your re-entry options. All committee decisions are final.

​​Submit completed "Request for Academic or Financial Aid Appeal" forms and documentation supporting your circumstances as follows:

​By Mail:

Student Academic and Financial Aid Appeals  
Business Education Center  
Chippewa Valley Technical College  
620 W Clairemont Avenue  
Eau Claire, WI 54701​

​Drop Off:

Eau Claire Clairemont Campus  
Business Education Center  
Student Central, Room 113​

​By Email:

Additional Information

To strengthen your appeal and your future academic success with the College, you are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of services for students at CVTC, such as meeting with an Academic Advisor, Student Success Specialist, attending college success seminar, face to face or online. Please use the Student Services Verification Form to document the services and resources in which you have participated.

College Success SeminarsStudent Services Verification Form


Student Success Specialists

Schedule an appointment with a Student Success Specialist in Eau Claire or River Falls to ensure you have all the tools to be successful at CVTC. To schedule an appointment, please call the Academic Advising and Student Success Department at 715-833-6346.

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