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Are you looking for employees with relevant, hands-on training specific to your industry and needs? Working closely with business and industry partners, CVTC develops programs and curriculum to ensure our grads hit the job running with the skills and qualities you're looking for in employees.

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Attention employers! Our graduates are ready to join your company and contribute. We partner with Handshake to allow you to recruit graduates and students from the 16 Wisconsin Technical Colleges. Click on the link below to post your professional positions on the Handshake website.

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Why post jobs to Handshake?

  • Easily post jobs, internships, and events to all 16 technical colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) using a single entry point
  • Is a FREE state-wide job posting service that puts quality technical college candidates at your fingertips
  • Offers a mobile experience - update your job postings, view applicants, and more all while on the go using Handshake's responsive design.
  • Connect with students through targeted outreach, dynamic branding, and digital features like virtual career fairs and events.
  • Over 500,000 employers currently registered on Handshake
  • Approved job posts can be directly emailed to job seekers who match program and/or skill criteria
  • Participation in the Handshake platform allows access to student and alumni profiles and résumés
  • Enables you to establish a partnership by reaching students and alumni for employment opportunities at your organization
  • Within 72 hours of submitting a job post for review and approval, it can be viewed by all technical college students!
  • Create an Employer User Account, Join a Company, and Connect with Schools

Starting an Internship Program

Internships are a great way for students to gain relevant, real-world experience and for employers to find hard-working, future employees. Partnering with businesses in our area, CVTC strives to align our programs with industry to develop win-win relationships between students and employers.

How do you begin an internship program?

First, let's discuss what an internship is. For students, it's an opportunity to work in their program field, gaining hands-on experience which will help prepare them for a job after graduation. It also allows students to meet people in the field, start to develop relationships, and can often times apply their internship experience toward course credit.

For employers, it's an avenue to find motivated, trained part-time employees who can turn into valuable, professional positions. This low-cost recruiting tool can provide additional assistance for increased business or seasonal work, fill unique skills gaps in your workforce, and provide new perspectives to your business.

Some facts about internships:

  • Most students work an average of 10-15 hours per week. It's important to understand interns are students first and cannot work more than 20 hours a week.
  • You will work with the intern and program coordinator to set goals, monitor progress, and conduct a mid-term and final evaluation. Each program has specific hour requirements for internships.
  • An internship opportunity can be a paid or unpaid experience, depending on your company mission and the position requirements. Some programs (such as IT programs) normally receive payment for their internships.

What are the benefits of having an internship program?

  • Find future employees
  • Test-drive talent
  • Enhance perspective: Interns bring fresh ideas and new talent
  • Reach company goals with extra workload assistance
  • Contribute to developing a skilled workforce
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Getting an internship program started at your small business or company is easy! Contact CVTC today to get started!


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If you are interested in participating in an upcoming career fair, log in to your Handshake account to see what events are being offered and register. To create a new or access an account, click here!

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Developing your workforce

CVTC offers a wide variety of continuing education and training opportunities to support the development and retention of your team.

From seminars to customized training, your employees can continue learning and growing to support your organizational goals and support their career aspirations.

Learn more about continuing education options for your employees.

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We'd love to hear from you! Contact our Career Services team to learn more about starting an internship in your company. We're here to help!

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