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Room Rentals

Room Rentals at CVTC

CVTC offers rental options to members of the community. We have a variety of locations in the Chippewa Valley with room options ranging from conference rooms to computer labs. If you are interested in renting CVTC facilities, please contact a representative from the campus at which you wish to schedule your event.

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Room Rental Locations


Additional Services

Phones are provided in each room; long-distance calls will incur charges based on actual long-distance use.

If you need ‚Äčtechnology training on the use of our equipment, you may schedule it during regular business hours at a rate of $50/hour if you need assistance for more than 15 minutes.

Technology support is available during regular business hours for no charge, if the support is less than 15 minutes. If the support is more than that, there is a charge of $50/hour.
IT Service Desk: 715-830-5555

Special Setup

Our facilities department can offer assistance if your event requires special electrical setup or a unique room configuration. There is a cost of ‚Äč1.5 times the regular cost/hour. The rate will be doubled for services needed during non-business hours.

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