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Community Use Policies

Community Use of College Facilities

College Policy

College facilities may be used by community groups or businesses, subject to availability, regulations for the use of facilities, and approval of the Scheduling Office.

College Procedure

Chippewa Valley Technical College makes available facilities and equipment to the community and our partners, subject to the rules and regulations outlined in this procedure; however, no use will be permitted that interferes with the College's educational mission and core values.

Individuals or organizations that would use the facility in direct competition with the College's services or programs are not eligible to use the College's facilities. Events such as weddings, showers, private parties, or events of a similar nature will not be eligible to use the College's facilities.

Use of Chippewa Valley Technical College facilities for the making or receiving of political contributions is prohibited by Wisconsin statute. Chippewa Valley Technical College further reserves the right to regulate the time, place, and manner in which political candidates or their representatives can appear on campus for the purpose of soliciting nomination signatures or presenting a public forum.

Requests for the use of the College's facilities available for public use will be honored on an as-available basis after the 's instructional needs have been met. Requests for the use of the College's facilities by outside groups or organizations will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis with no reservations accepted more than one year (365 calendar days) prior to the date of the event. All requesters agree to comply with the College's policies and procedures.

Preference to requesters will be given as follows:

  • Educational activities sponsored by Chippewa Valley Technical College
  • Non-educational activities sponsored by Chippewa Valley Technical College
  • Businesses, agencies, schools, or organizations within the Chippewa Valley Technical College District
  • Businesses, agencies, schools, or organizations outside of the Chippewa Valley Technical College District

All requests for the use of College facilities by any outside organization shall be made through the online form (choose a campus above) or to the following Event Scheduling offices:

Chippewa Falls Campus Office


Eau Claire Clairemont Campus Office


Includes Business Education Center, Health Education Center, Transportation Education Center, Emergency Service Education Center, and Energy Education Center

Eau Claire Manufacturing Education Center


Menomonie Campus Office


Neillsville Campus Office


River Falls Campus Office


The requester is responsible for the submission of the following documents prior to the event (State of Wisconsin agencies are exempt from these requirements):

  1. Hold Harmless Application
  2. Certificate of Insurance

The requester is also responsible for reviewing and following the College’s procedures on the “Use of College Facilities” document.

The College will invoice all organizations for the room, technology, custodial, and other fees. Payment is due upon booking the facility. Payment methods include credit card or check. Cancellations must be received a minimum of three business days prior to the scheduled event to receive a refund.​

All groups using Chippewa Valley Technical College facilities shall comply with the following:

  1. Information Technology
    Computer Software: The College encourages outside guests to access specialized computer software through the Internet. When accessing the Internet, the use of a plug-in may be required. All plug-ins should be reviewed with the Information Technology Department in advance to ensure workability. Due to security and copyright issues, special software may not be loaded on College
    Guest Accounts: Visitors requiring utilization of a teaching station or lab PC must request guest login information at the time of reserving a room. Please be aware that this guest account is temporary and does not have printing privileges or support cvtcwireless. Guests will use cvtcevents for WiFi. Once the room is reserved, Events Scheduling will provide the visitor with their temporary login and password, and account details.
  2. Tobacco Use: Allowed at designated areas only as indicated on signs at each campus entrance.
  3. Alcohol Policy: Outside alcoholic beverages on CVTC property are strictly prohibited.
  4. Bringing latex items, such as balloons, to any campus facility is discouraged as this could pose a health risk to latex-sensitive individuals.
  5. Signage: An outside group may post signs for their event. Signs should include the date of the event, and painter’s tape should be used to display the sign(s). A sign standard, borrowed from the Event Scheduling office, may be used to display a sign in the middle of a hallway. Do not post signs on walls in stairways, as this is a fire hazard. All signs should be removed after the event is over. Postings that contain profanity, promote alcohol, tobacco, and/or illicit drugs, or are accusatory to individuals or groups will not be displayed.
  6. Room Use: All furniture or fixtures are to be returned to their original position. The person or organization making the reservation will be held responsible for the preservation of order and will be liable for any damage sustained above normal wear and tear while under his/her control. Additional custodial or technology charges may apply for returning the room to its original position.
  7. No items shall be sold, given, exhibited, or displayed without prior permission.
  8. Parking: Park cars according to posted signs. Overnight parking (11 p.m. to 6 a.m.) in any College lot will not be allowed without prior approval from the Safety and Security Office (715-833-6202 or 715-833-6670).
  9. In Case of Inclement Weather: If the college is closed due to unsafe weather conditions, outside group events/room rental agreements are also canceled. Refunds will be issued, or rescheduling will be coordinated to accommodate the group affected by the college closure. Please watch the local weather channels or check the CVTC website to confirm if the college is closed
  10. Any messages and communications surrounding this event should indicate that the views and opinions expressed are those of the hosting organization and do not reflect the policy or position of Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC). CVTC should not be indicated as a host sponsor, partner, or otherwise unless an agreement is in place with a CVTC representative. Any media coverage should be communicated to the Vice President of Strategic Communications & Community Engagement, Joni Geroux, or 715-833-6397, and should follow the messaging guidelines as agreed upon above.

View the CVTC facility usage criteria.

Last Updated: January 30, 2023

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