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Now is the perfect time to learn a new personal or professional skill, online! Gain important business and personal skills right from the comfort of your own home with a large array of online courses that cover a wide variety of topics!

Thanks to a partnership with Ed2Go, we are able to offer a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely online. All of the courses are taught by expert instructors and are there to help you learn. The courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you!

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Online Business Courses

Business and Marketing Writing

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Expand your writing skills and learn to create copy that achieves business and marketing goals. This course will help you use the power of writing to present a solid, cohesive message to your target audience and improve your chances of getting hired or promoted.

Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Position yourself to be more confident in your business and financial decisions. This course will provide you with a better understanding of financial information and basic operations so you can make better decisions that will positively impact your company's bottom line.

Project Management Fundamentals

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Master the essentials of project management with an experienced Project Management Professional as your guide. This course provides the concepts you need to plan, implement, control and close any type of project.

Real Estate Investing

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Discover how to make money in real estate, even if you have little to start with. This course includes specially designed worksheets and hands-on activities to take the guesswork out of your investing in the real estate market.

Online Healthcare Courses

Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional

Self-Paced Course
Learn to confidently write medical reports, correspondence, emails, progress notes, charting, research and other professional documentation one would encounter in the healthcare environment. This course is packed with real-life applications as you review the entire writing process.

Introduction to Natural Health and Healing

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Take charge of your own health and healing by discovering how to achieve total health of the mind, body, and spirit. This course allows you to explore a variety of methods including diet, hydrotherapy, positive attitude, relaxation, yoga, chiropractic, natural remedies and more to achieve total health.

Spanish for Medical Professionals

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Prepare for any situation by bridging the communication gap between you, your patients, and worried family members. This course provides knowledge of basic medical phrases to help you better communicate with the Spanish-speaking community.

Medical Terminology Series

Instructor-Led Course
This course teaches medical terminology from an anatomical approach. Root terms are divided by each body system. The origin, a combined form, and an example of non-medical everyday usage is provided for each root term. Word Associations are provided as a learning tool. Unusual and interesting information is provided in regards to each term. Root terms are combined with prefixes and suffixes as your learning will culminate in the interpretation of several paragraphs of medical notes.

Online Computer Application Courses

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Learn to quickly and efficiently use Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365 as you discover dozens of shortcuts and tricks for setting up fully formatted worksheets. This course, taught by an experience Microsoft Excel instructor, provides in-depth knowledge for beginners that will have you using Excel like a pro.

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019/Office 365

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Learn to create professional-looking letters, reports, and documents using Microsoft Word 2019/Office 365. This hands-on course will help you master the basic features of this powerful word-processing program to type, edit, and format text, and spell check and print documents like a pro.

Introduction to QuickBooks 2019

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Take control of accounting for your business. This course provides hands-on experience in QuickBooks 2019 as you set up a chart of accounts; reconcile your bank accounts; create and print invoices, receipts, and statements; track payables, inventory, and receivables; create estimates; and generate reports.

Introduction to InDesign CC

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Learn how to use Adobe InDesign CC software to create professional-quality letterhead, brochures, forms, eBooks, business materials and more. This course uses hands-on exercises and expert instruction to help you discover how the program features relate to producing actual useable documents.

Introduction to Photoshop CC

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Whether you're a photographer, graphic artist, or just want to alter your old family photos, you need to learn Adobe Photoshop. This hands-on, project-oriented course is filled with detailed step-by-step instructions that teach you how to edit photos and create basic images using Photoshop in the Creative Cloud. Discover how to improve photographs by editing out flaws, correcting for poor exposure, or adding new elements using the latest techniques. Best of all, no prior artistic ability or Photoshop experience is required.

Online Computer Science/IT Courses

Introduction to SQL

Instructor-Led Course
Gain a solid working knowledge of the most powerful and widely used database programming language. This course will provide you the skills to write SQL queries to create tables, retrieve data from single or multiple tables, manipulate data in a database, and gather statistics from data stored in a database.

Creating Web Pages

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Learn the basics HTML so you can design, create, and post your very own website. This course will help you plan content, structure and layout of your website, create neatly formatted text, build links, and add color, graphics and tables, as well as understand no-cost web marketing strategies and SEO.

Introduction to Programming

Instructor-Led Course
Take your first steps toward a career as a computer programmer as you get hands-on practice writing applications containing GUIs, sound, and graphics. This course will provide the skills and confidence you need to program in BASIC and design your own custom applications for home, school, or work.

Introduction to PC Troubleshooting

Instructor-Led Course
Don't spend your hard-earned cash on PC repairs that you can fix yourself with a little troubleshooting knowledge. This course takes you step-by-step through typical hardware and operating system problems and gives you the skills you need to solve them as you learn to maintain and optimize a Windows PC.

Introduction to Oracle

Instructor-Led Course
Learn to plan, organize, and manage your data using the Oracle database. This course will introduce you to the Structured Query Language (SQL), Oracle's SQL*Plus, and other valuable tools used to develop, manage, and reference an Oracle database.

Introduction to PC Security

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Learn why you're at risk and what you can do to protect your precious personal and business data from the outside world. In this course, a security expert will teach you the fundamentals of PC and network security as you learn to install and configure a firewall to build an impenetrable moat around your computer or network.

Introduction to Networking

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Learn to perform basic computer networking tasks such as DSL connectivity, configuring connections to an ISP and creating a private network. This course explains computer networking basics in easy-to-understand terms, using concepts common to everyday, non-computing experience.

Online Language Courses

Speed Spanish

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Converse in Spanish in just a few weeks. This course will help you learn six easy recipes to glue Spanish words together into sentences so you can engage in conversational Spanish quickly.

Spanish for Law Enforcement

Instructor-Led Course
Communicate more effectively with the Spanish-speakers around you, and add a valuable skill to your resume. This course will help you master basic Spanish and gain more power handling situations that involve Spanish-speaking victims, witnesses, or criminals.

Spanish for Medical Professionals

Self-Paced or Instructor-Led Course
Prepare for any situation by bridging the communication gap between you, your patients, and worried family members. This course provides knowledge of basic medical phrases to help you better communicate with the Spanish-speaking community.

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