Management Development Series

This series is geared towards incumbent managers (with 3+ years of experience) and focuses on the key managerial development functions suited for more experienced managers. This series provides managers the opportunity to learn and understand their management style and how to create strong, purposeful teams within their organization.

  • Geared towards the "incumbent manager"
  • Network with other participants with similar roles
  • Hands-on activities to apply new skills
  • Offered on-site and customized to your schedule
  • 24 hours of instructional classes broken into 8 three–hour classes
  • 2.4 CEUs

This class aligns with Principles of Management within our Business Management associate degree program.

This series focuses on the following topics:

1. Managing StrengthsConsider the role of managing talent and teams as it relates to organizational performance. Complete an assessment to further explore one’s talents and the application of those talents in managing and leading.

2. Foundations of ManagementCompare and explain the key functions of managing within an organization. Consider the role one plays in executing the necessary work to carry out the key management functions and self-assess one’s ability in each area and consider personal and team development plans.

3. Understanding Management StylesExplore styles of managing and how to adapt one’s style based on the needs of followers/team members. Consider styles of managing in the context of team member development and performance.

4. Decision Making for ManagersRecognize fundamental approaches to decision-making in management. Explore specific models and tools to assist in effectiveness decision-making and consider practical points of application within one’s sphere of work.

5. Managing ChangeIdentify elements of change dynamics in the workplace and how people typically view and respond to change. Consider leader practices to assist people/teams in navigating through change to foster greater buy-in more productive outcomes.

6. Managing With DEI & EDIRecognize the influence of our brain’s perceptual process and how that impacts our relationships and decision making. Understand the influence on our emotional intelligence, and on our ability to foster diversity, equity and inclusion within teams (formerly named Managing With Emotional Intelligence).

7. Motivation & InfluenceExplore the foundation in workplace motivation and the role the manager plays in creating an environment that may foster greater motivation. Consider ways to assess individual and team motivation and practical ways of influencing motivation.

8. Managing for Team SuccessRecognize the importance of team performance as a measure of manager success. Consider the stages of team development and leadership practices that may assist team development in each of the respective stages.

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