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Motorcycle Safety Training

Motorcycle Safety Course

Chippewa Valley Technical College Motorcycle Safety classes are offered days and weekends and run May through early October. Open enrollment dates vary by semester. Also, taking a Motorcycle Safety class at CVTC may help lower insurance premiums. CVTC offers two motorcycle courses: Basic Rider (BRC) and Basic Rider 2 (BRC 2).

All courses are held rain or shine and offered at:

Transportation Education Center  
3810 Campus Road  
Eau Claire, WI 54703

Register by Phone: 715-833-6200


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You must complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic eCourse fewer than 30 days prior to starting your CVTC Motorcycle Rider Courses.

IMPORTANT: To participate in the CVTC Motorcycle Rider Course, you must print and present your Basic eCourse completion certificate to the instructor at the beginning of the class. If you don't have your certificate, you cannot participate in the class and will not be issued a refund.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic eCourse

  • MSF Course Fee: $19.99
  • Estimated Completion Time: 3 hrs.
  • Recommended Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (not Internet Explorer)
  • eCourse Technical Support: 949-727-3227, ext. 3158

Register for the MSF Basic eCourse

Waiver of Liability

All students must sign a “waiver of liability form”. Students must be a minimum of 15½ years of age. If the student is under the age of 18, the form must be signed by their parent or legal guardian in the presence of a CVTC employee and must be presented at the start of class. This can be done by bringing the parent or guardian on the first day of class to sign the waiver in front of the instructor. To make other arrangements, you can call 715-833-6200.

// Waiver of Liability Form

Basic Rider Course

These classes consist of 10 full hours of actual range riding and 6 hours of classroom instruction from veteran riders trained and certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and approved by the WI Department of Transportation. The riding skills test is given at the end of the range portion of the class. Motorcycles are provided for use during the course.

Emphasis is placed on motorcycle controls, rider decision making, basic riding skills and maneuvering, and basic street riding. The course uses program materials from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), and motorcycles are provided for students.

Required Items

  • Proof of eCourse Completion (print or electronic copy)
  • Liability Waiver (must bring parent if under 18 to sign in front of instructor or bring notarized)
  • Driver’s License or Instructional Permit
  • Shoes or Boots (over the ankle and sturdy – not canvas)
  • Long-Sleeved Shirt
  • Long Pants (not light weight and no holes, rips, or loose torn ends)
  • Eye Protection (glasses, safety glasses, helmet face mask – must be clear if night class)
  • Gloves (carpenter/mechanic gloves work well)
  • Helmet (must be 3/4 or full face with integral hard cover over ears – no ½ helmets with soft ear flaps – CVTC has helmets for your use if needed

Do I Need a Temporary Permit?

A motorcycle temporary permit from the Department of Transportation is not required to enroll in or attend the Basic Rider Course. Students who want to practice riding a motorcycle on roadways prior to attending the Rider Course will need to pass the written knowledge test at the Department of Transportation and obtain a temporary permit.

If a person is under 18 years of age, they will need verification of enrollment in the Basic Rider Course to present to the Wisconsin DOT in order to obtain their temporary permit. A Letter of Enrollment will be issued to students upon request only after an individual has registered for a Basic Rider course. Please call 715-855-7501 to request a letter.

Class M Endorsement

After successfully completing the Basic Rider course, your Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver will be sent electronically to the DMV. This will satisfy the range skills test for your Class M endorsement. Students who successfully pass the written test at the DMV and range skills test here at CVTC will be eligible to become motorcycle endorsed in the State of Wisconsin.

Students must take the written test at DMV. CVTC courses will satisfy only the range skills test.

All Bikes Are Provided by CVTC

All motorcycles used in the Basic Motorcycle Rider Course are provided by Chippewa Valley Technical College. Student-owned motorcycles are not allowed in this course. See BRC2 for student owned motorcycle classes.

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Basic Rider Course 2

The BRC2 course is similar to the Basic Rider Course except the speeds are higher and riders will use their own motorcycles; it is not for first-time riders. This is an excellent refresher for those who already have their Class M license or for experienced riders seeking to obtain one. The eight-hour course includes a classroom component focusing on street strategies and rider decision making based on past riding experiences and current knowledge. An on-cycle instruction component will include a skills test for the license waiver. After successful completion of this course, your Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver will be sent electronically to the DMV for your Class M endorsement.

  • Student owned motorcycles are used for the Basic Motorcycle Rider Course 2.
  • Student must be 18 years old to take this class

Required Items

  • Proof of eCourse Completion (print or electronic copy)
  • Driver’s license and/or instructional permit
  • Prior motorcycle riding experience including the ability to:
    • Use the clutch and throttle to control a motorcycle, start out and stop smoothly.
    • Upshift and downshift smoothly
    • Stop a motorcycle at a designated point
    • Negotiate normal roadway turns and curves.

NOTE: If you do not demonstrate minimal proficiency with basic motorcycle operation, you will be dismissed at the RiderCoach’s discretion and counseled to enroll in a course better suited to your skill level.

Required Motorcycle Items

  • Proof of ownership of the motorcycle
  • Proof of Insurance and be named on the policy
  • Motorcycle that passes a T-CLOCS inspection and is street legal here in Wisconsin.  
    ***Tires must be properly inflated and have adequate tread***

Required Clothing Items

  • Helmet Must be approved by Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) and at least 3/4 Shell or Full Faced. (CVTC does have helmets available if needed.)
  • Gloves (should be full fingered gloves)
  • Safety glasses
  • Long-sleeved shirt (must be full length)
  • Long pants
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes to cover the ankles
  • Rain gear
  • Pen and pencil

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