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Safety Culture for Supervisors

This series is geared towards supervisors, management, and anyone with safety responsibilities, focusing on practical knowledge and the ability to facilitate safety and regulatory improvement in their organization.

  • Discover personal strengths to effectively manage safety and risk control within operational responsibilities using CliftonStrengths
  • Explore the cost advantages of a proactive and supported safety system
  • Identify and improve upon a challenge area or a safety regulatory topic of concern for a given organization
  • 2.4 CEUs (24 hours of instruction broken into 12 two-hour classes)

These courses include both in-class and out-of-class learning activities for successful completion.

This series focuses on the following topics:

1. Safety ManagementExamine the dynamic trifecta of modern-day safety management. Recognize hazards, assess acceptable levels of risk for department operations, and learn how to control hazards to prevent injuries, illnesses, and property damage.

2. Leveraging Personal StrengthsDiscover your strengths and how you can leverage them for personal and operational success. Explore the organizational communication process components, effective communication methods, the importance of listening, and effective ways to convey information to teams.

3. Personal Strengths and Needs IdentificationReview your CliftonStrengths assessment results and discover how you can use your strengths to best lead your team. Attendees will also identify a safety challenge or regulatory area of interest that their organization would like to improve.

4. Navigating OSHA RegulationsBecome familiar with general industry OSHA regulations and how an organization can navigate through those regulations.

5. Assessment, Audits, and InspectionsNo safety program is ever complete, but rather a continuous work in progress. Obtain tools to conduct proper assessments, audits, and inspections to drive your business’s essential safety improvement efforts.

6. Hazard Recognition, Evaluation, and ControlMost businesses are successful in identifying hazards. The next step is to evaluate and control them. Learn how your organization can be successful when continuously evaluating and controlling hazards.

7. Workplace Design and Safety EngineeringEquipment layout and process set-up are essential to a successful safety program. Understanding key components of safety engineering and workplace design can help solve the never-ending challenges an organization may face in improving and changing processes.

8. The Safety MindsetSafety is not a liability, but rather a mindset that should drive supervisors, leads, and managers. Learn how to create a safety mindset in your organization and feel confident in your organization’s strengths and operational processes.

9. Employee InvolvementEmployee involvement is a necessary component of any workplace safety and health program. Explore how to involve your employees to brand a successful program and discuss barriers..

10. Company/Attendee Specific InstructionTest your level of understanding by participating in an instructor-assisted research activity that pertains to your organization’s specific safety needs.

11. Safety Motivation, Behavior, and AttitudesLearn how to navigate and optimize the outcome of difficult conversations. Discuss what is necessary to foster safety motivation, behavior, and attitudes amongst your teams.

12. Employee Training and DevelopmentYou should never stop learning, and your employees shouldn’t either. Discuss the essential elements of training support though orientation, job-specific training, hazard recognition training, and the importance of ongoing team training and development.

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Safety Culture for Supervisors

September 3 – November 19  |  3 – 5 p.m.
EC Manufacturing Ed Center

This course is designed to provide Supervisors, Leads, Management, and anyone with safety responsibilities the knowledge regarding the cost advantages of a proactive and supported safety system.  Further,…

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