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Go Here! Live Here!

UWRF Residence Living

Go Here! Live There!

CVTC is happy to partner with the University of Wisconsin River Falls (UWRF) to offer an on-campus living opportunity for enrolled students. UWRF welcomes CVTC students to the UWRF campus and its residence hall community. We strive to create residence hall environments where students engage socially and academically, experience a sense of belonging, and feel supported by staff and peers. The following information will guide you through the application process and answer several of your questions. Reach out to our office if you need assistance or have additional questions.

Why live in the UWRF residence halls? The residence halls offer benefits including:

Convenience: Located close to the CVTC River Falls campus; eat on-campus using your meal plan; no monthly bills because utilities are included.

Support: Residence Hall Directors, Community Assistants, and Residence Assistants (RA’s), provide support for students living on campus. Thus, these students tend to thrive socially and academically.

Friends: Residence hall students make friends and meet others with common and/or unique interests.

Leadership: Students involved in campus activities help build their technical and soft skills that increase their confidence and enhance their resume.

Important to know:

  • Monday, July 15 is the deadline to apply.
  • Students must commit to living in the residence halls for two semesters (August 25, 2024 - May 23, 2025).
  • Students must remain in good academic standing, minimum 2.0 GPA, and be enrolled in at least twelve credits.
  • Residence halls eligibility may be affected by past or current criminal convictions or student conduct violations.
  • A meal plan through UWRF Dining Services is required. Students are automatically placed in a 45-block meal plan. Changes are allowed at the start of each semester.

Live at UWRF, Go to CVTC

How to Apply

Additional information, along with the UWRF online housing Application + Contract is found on at UWRF Residence Life.


Contact UWRF Residence Life by calling 715-425-4555 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the housing located?

CVTC students will live in UWRF's first-year experience halls located less than one mile from the CVTC River Falls campus.

How much will it cost?

The rate for 2023-24 was $2,404 per semester. We anticipate an increase for 2024-25. Rates will be available in July.

Total costs will vary based on the meal plan selected.

Financial Aid (if eligible) can be used to pay for residence hall living expenses. You should check “On Campus” in Step Six (School Code and Housing Plan) on your FAFSA to maximize eligibility. A financial aid adjustment may not increase eligibility for funding. Contact the CVTC Financial Aid Officer for more information.

What meal plans are available for 2024-2025?

All students must be on a meal plan contracted through UWRF Dining Services. CVTC students will automatically be placed on the 60-block meal plan. You may choose to change your meal plan to the 14 weekly, 19 weekly, or 120-block plan within the first seven days of meal plan service.

Can I purchase a UWRF on-campus parking permit?

Yes, CVTC students are eligible to purchase a parking permit for the UWRF campus. Contact University Parking at or 715-425-3333. More information about parking is available on the Parking website. Overnight parking is also available at the CVTC River Falls Campus with the purchase of a $25 special permit.

Will I have a roommate?

CVTC students will be paired with a roommate who is also a CVTC student unless students have a mutually preferred roommate who is a UWRF student. Indicate roommate requests can be indicated on the Application + Contract.

When can I move in?

Move in is August 24 & 25, 2024.
Move out is no later than 10 a.m. on May 23, 2025.

Can I use Falcon Center?

Yes, you can purchase an inter-institutional membership to the Falcon Center/Campus Recreation from the front desk of the Fitness Center. Learn more about memberships.

Where can I live over breaks in school?

The following occupancy schedule applies to all CVTC students housing at UWRF during the 2024-25 academic year. Students can request to remain in housing over breaks for an additional cost:

August 24 - 25  |  CVTC Student Move-in; there is no meal plan available until September 3
August 26  |  First day of CVTC fall classes
September 2 - 5  |  UWRF Student Move-in
September 2  |  Meal Plan Begins
September 3  |  First day of UWRF fall classes
November 28 - 29  |  UWRF Thanksgiving break, residence halls remain open, there is no meal plan available
December 13  |  Last day of CVTC fall classes
December 19  |  Last day of UWRF fall finals
December 23  |  10 a.m. residence halls close for Winter break
December 22 - January 20  |  Residence halls open only for those with a J-Term/Winter break contract. There is no meal plan during this period.
January 20  |  8 a.m. residence halls open for spring semester
January 27  |  First day of CVTC and UWRF spring classes
March 17 - 21  |  UWRF spring break, residence halls remain open, there is no meal plan available
March 24 - 28  |  CVTC spring break
May 15  |  Last day of UWRF spring finals
May 15  |  10 a.m. residence halls close to UWRF students for summer break
May 15 - 23  |  CVTC enrolled residents must register to remain living on campus during this period. Due to the longer CVTC academic calendar there will be no additional charge, however, movement to another hall may be required and utility services may be interrupted. There is no meal plan during this period.
May 23  |  Last day of CVTC spring classes
May 23  |  10 a.m. residence halls close to CVTC students for summer break

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