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Exploring your career options is the first step to planning your future. The more you know about different career paths, the more prepared you'll be to select the right career. At CVTC, we have resources to aid you in your journey.

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FOCUS 2 is a user-friendly career and education planning system designed to guide you through the career planning process. This platform incorporates a series of self-assessments that enable you to uncover careers and occupations that align with your unique attributes such as:


Work Interest









Feel free to start with any feature, revisit any aspect if desired, and consider FOCUS 2 as an ongoing resource for your career exploration! All your results are securely saved and readily accessible in your FOCUS 2 Portfolio.

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Meet with a Career Planning Specialist

Once you have completed the career assessments, you can dive deeper into your results by scheduling a meeting with one of our Career Planning Specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am stuck between two programs/majors?
That's okay! There are many paths here at CVTC, and plenty of students weigh options between a few programs. This is a great opportunity to talk to someone on our career planning team to go over your assessment results. This can help narrow down the right program for you!

I can’t find my program offered at CVTC
We know that you may match with a career that doesn’t have a direct program here at CVTC. However, our University Transfer path is a great fit to get you on the right track to complete general courses at CVTC, while setting you up to make the leap to one of our UW partners or beyond. Connect with our Career Planning team to find out more!

What if I chose all “moderate” for my answers, will this give me an accurate result?
While we ask that you answer as truthfully as possible, this can at times lead to you being “stuck in the middle”. Rest assured; your results will still be accurate. There is no need to pick in the extremes!

Who do I meet with to review my results?
Anyone on our Career Planning team is happy to meet with you! Please email and we can get you connected.

What is a Holland Code? Why does it matter?
Simply speaking, your Holland Code is your unique code that gives you a better understanding of your interest in certain careers, or what you value in a work environment. Your first three are the most important, as these are identified as your “most dominant traits”. There are 720 possible combinations, so this makes it more customized to you!

I don’t think I would enjoy the occupations in my results, can I retake it?
Absolutely! The beauty of Focus 2 is that you are able to redo any of your assessments at any time. This will also adjust your unique portfolio to better align to your most recent results. In fact, it's often beneficial to redo assessments throughout your educational journey as you learn more about yourself and your career.

Do any of these programs require a background check?
You may align with a program that does require background check information to be admitted to the program. If you have questions or concerns about this, please connect with our Career Planning team and we can walk you through if your program has this requirement, and what steps would need to be taken!

Can I take other career assessments?
While we believe Focus 2 provides a very comprehensive result for our students, we understand that you at times may want to compare! CVTC only offers our Focus 2 assessments, but other resources may be available not related to our program. Please note, Focus 2 is designed to tie your results to CVTC programs, and other career assessments will not provide this result.

Do I have to compare two occupations side-by-side that are related?
You are able to compare any occupations side by side that you wish! This is a great practice to really learn more about each of the occupations you are interested in, and how it stacks up to your assessment results.

What if none of these programs interest me but I want to go to school, what should I do?
This is a great opportunity to “Just Take a Class”! This gives you the opportunity to become part of the CVTC community and access all of our resources, while still deciding what you would like to do. This is another chance to meet with our Career Planning team, as they can assist you further on your assessment results and find a program that could be a great fit for you!

Can I receive financial aid for all programs at CVTC?
While many of our programs at CVTC do offer financial aid, it is important to know that not all of them do. We would recommend connect with our Career Planning team to get a better understanding of if the program you are interested in does offer financial aid!

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