Online Career Assessment

CVTC's utilizes Career Cruising to help our students – both current and prospective – to explore their career interests, skills confidence, and learning styles. After answering a series of questions, your interests and skills will be matched to occupations. You will then be able to explore careers and help determine what CVTC programs could be a good fit for you.

Expect to spend about 20-30 minutes taking this assessment.

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The career assessment includes three parts:


Answer 39 questions about your likes and dislikes to find careers that match up with your interests. Further refine your results with 77 additional career interest questions to better help match your interests with occupations.

My Skills

Rate your level of skill in 45 key areas to see how your skills match up with the careers that you are interested in.

Learning Style Inventory

Discover how you learn and retain information and find tips on how to improve your study habits to suit your learning style. Are you a visual learner? Tactile learner? Or Auditory Learner?

Career Assessment Interpretation

Option 1:
Attend a Face-to-Face Career Decisions Workshop

Career Decisions Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop you will complete the career assessments and:

  • Explore careers and occupations
  • Discover CVTC programs
  • Learn about CVTC admissions and finanical aid
  • Explore CVTC resources

To register, call 715-833-6201

​Option 2:
Complete the Online Career Decisions Workshop

Work independently at your own pace to explore your career interests.

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Option 3:
Face-to-Face Appointment with Career Planning Specialist

Career Planning Specialists assist students in defining career goals, identifying career opportunities, and implementing a career search.

How do I prepare for an appointment?

Step 1: Take Assessment
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Take the Assessment

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment
Call to schedule:
Eau Claire: 715-833-6200
River Falls: 715-426-8200

Online Career Decisions Workshop

Our online Career Decisions workshop will help you determine the next step in your career decision process. Whether you are planning for your first career, need to make a career change, or just want to keep your career on track, completing this online workshop is an excellent place to start.

Activity One:
Take the Career Assessments

Take the Career Matchmaker & My Skills assessments. Explore the recommended occupations generated within your results.

// Download Packet One

Activity Two:
Discover CVTC Programs

Find out which CVTC program is the best fit bases on your assessment results.

// Download Packet Two

Activity Three:
Learn about Admissions & Financial Aid

Make sure you understand the admission and background requirements for your chosen program of interest.

// Download Packet Three

Activity Four:
Explore CVTC Resources

Learn about the many resources CVTC has to help you be successful.

// Download Packet Four