Thursday, July 27, 2017

Carnegie Foundation Honors CVTC for Math Program

College became the first in the nation to fully implement innovative method

Article Photo - Carnegie Foundation Honors CVTC for Math Program

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has honored Chippewa Valley Technical College with the 2017 Carnegie Math Pathway Leadership Award for its work implementing the innovative math instructional methods into the college curriculum. The Award was presented Saturday, July 22 at the 2017 Carnegie Math Pathway National Forum in San Francisco.

In the Carnegie Math approach, mathematical principals are introduced in the context of real-world problems or issues, such as health care, politics, sports playoffs, and cell phone plans. Instead of the teacher introducing a math formula and looking for a real-life application, students explore real-life situations and find math formulas that apply to it. Students work together to find solutions but are also tested and evaluated separately.

Carnegie Math has two elements, Quantway, which deals with quantitative analysis, and Statway, which is the statistics curriculum. This past academic year, CVTC became the first higher education institution to adopt both elements at once without a transitional period. CVTC instructors Ruth Carlson and Heather Parker led and facilitated multiple breakout sessions at the national conference to share the best practices from CVTC.

“Our math pathway project has transformed developmental math at CVTC and opened program access to hundreds and eventually thousands of students,” said CVTC Vice President of Student Services Margo Keys. “This was a monumental task requiring the dedication, creativity and perseverance of many teams. The bulk of the effort came from our Math faculty and the Carnegie Institutional Leadership team.”