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Deputy S. Caress reporting for duty

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Deputy S. Caress reporting for duty

Sisters with same law enforcement handle serve in neighboring counties

Image: Deputy S. Caress reporting for duty

Stephanie Caress, left, 26, of Glenwood City, graduated from the Chippewa Valley Technical College Law Enforcement Academy Thursday, Dec. 16. She will continue her career with the St. Croix County Sheriff’s office as a patrol deputy. Her sister, Samantha Caress, 28, is a patrol deputy with Dunn County Sheriff’s office.

Stephanie Caress will tell you she’s the feisty one. Her sister, Samantha Caress, calls herself the soft-hearted one.

But make no mistake, these women are ready to protect and serve.

Now that Stephanie, 26, a WITC criminal justice graduate, completed the Chippewa Valley Technical College Law Enforcement Academy Thursday, she will transfer from her role as corrections sergeant to patrol deputy in St. Croix County.

Sister Samantha, 28, who graduated from the CVTC’s criminal justice program in 2020 and then the Academy in October 2020, is a patrol deputy in Dunn County.

The women come by their passion for service honestly.

Growing up, their parents volunteered for the local fire department and were members of the EMS team.

“Our parents always talked about the selfless acts they did being members, and it was something to be proud of,” Stephanie said. “That is something I have always strived for in myself, and I have found that in my law enforcement career.”

In addition, their grandfather was a deputy for the St. Croix County Sheriff.

“I think there is a reason we both ended up in law enforcement, and he most definitely had a lot to do with that,” Samantha said.

Eric Anderson, CVTC criminal justice director, said he’s proud to see his graduates continue into careers in their field.

“Both Samantha and Stephanie bring a level of positivity, enthusiasm and dedication to the college and the law enforcement profession,” Anderson said. “Both women have held leadership positions in their respective academies and have been valuable sources of leadership and guidance for each of their classes.”

Although Stephanie has been working in law enforcement with St. Croix County since 2017, after doing a ride-along, she was hooked on patrol.

“I knew that was my next move, and I was determined to make it happen,” Stephanie said. “I am so grateful to have been given all the opportunities I have thus far. Being young allows me time to grow and explore different aspects of this career. My motivation comes from wanting to help those in need and help those in difficult situations.”

Those difficult situations likely keep the Caress sisters’ parents awake at night. Stephanie and Samantha, who grew up in Glenwood City, said now that both women will be on patrol, their parents tell them to stay safe a bit more.

“They’re always rooting for us and are excited to see where we will go in our careers,” Samantha said. “We are incredibly thankful for our support system.

“Our family has definitely laid a path for us to find this career, and I’m excited that Stephanie and I are doing it together. We always tell each other, ‘I’ll see you at the (county) line.’”

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