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Student ambassador finds new appreciation for CVTC

Monday, April 18, 2022

Student ambassador finds new appreciation for CVTC

Image: Student ambassador finds new appreciation for CVTC

Chrissy Grasley, 28, of Tilden, is named 2022 Wisconsin Technical College System’s student ambassador from CVTC.

Chrissy Grasley attended Chippewa Valley Technical College 10 years ago, but life events prevented her from starting her career.

Now, Grasley, of Tilden, is not only planning to graduate with an associate degree and technical diploma in Foundations of Teacher Education and Autism Technician, respectively, but she has been chosen as the 2022 Wisconsin Technical College System’s student ambassador from CVTC.

“My role as a student ambassador, thus far, has been to connect with prospective students and offer them some insight into programs of interest,” Grasley said. “I have gone on tours of our campuses and will have the opportunity in the future to host the tours myself as well as work with students on applying to CVTC.”

The student ambassador program recognizes one student per technical college each year who serves as a representative for the college and technical education, said Alisa Schley, CVTC director of Student Life.

“Our best recruiters are our students,” she said. “They are able to share their personal experiences as CVTC students, provide support in the admission process and showcase all the college has to offer.”

Grasley, 28, said now that she’s back at CVTC, she sees and appreciates the number of resources and support offered at the college.

“I want other students and prospective students to see and utilize these resources as well. I also want to help them navigate how to utilize and find the resources,” she said. “With clubs, jobs, different learning environments and accommodations, I truly feel that CVTC can make the college experience personal and enjoyable for everyone.”

Grasley will serve as student ambassador for one year. When she graduates in May 2023 with her double major, she plans to substitute in K-12 schools, but her ultimate goal is to continue on to a bachelor’s degree, and within five years, she hopes to have a master’s degree. For now, she’s reveling in her role working with current and prospective CVTC students.

“I applied to be a student ambassador because I genuinely love CVTC,” she said. “I wanted to be one of the faces of the school and show prospective and returning students that CVTC is always here to support them and offer them amazing opportunities like I have been granted.”

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