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Transfer Pathways

Start here. Go there! Transferring from CVTC to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree is popular for many students. Transfer pathways allow students to build an academic foundation and save money on college.

With a variety of transfer pathway options, including two University Transfer programs, university partnerships with UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stout, and UW-River Falls, as well as hundreds of course transfer agreements with dozens of four-year colleges and universities, you are sure to find the right educational path at CVTC.

Your educational journey starts at CVTC but ends with you finding the career you love.







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Regional University Partnerships

In close collaboration with UW-Eau Claire, UW-River Falls, and UW-Stout, CVTC is proud to offer Associate of Arts or Associate of Science University Transfer programs to students.

Students who take courses towards or complete these degrees at CVTC can seamlessly transfer their credits directly to our three regional university partners – UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stout, UW-River Falls. The University Transfer programs let you choose an area of emphasis and complete your general education (or pre-major) courses at CVTC.

Guided Pathways

With guided transfer pathways, you’ll get step-by-step support and guidance before, during, and after your transfer. CVTC has partnered with our local UW schools to make the transfer process as easy as possible. Our teams will guide you through transfer contracts, help you select the right classes so your credits go with you, and keep the whole process on track. Just remember to keep in touch with your advisor to ensure you are on the right path.


University Transfer Programs at CVTC

Students who take courses towards an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science University Transfer degree at CVTC can transfer their credits directly to our three regional university partners – UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stout, UW-River Falls. These University Transfer programs let you choose an area of interest and complete your pre-major courses at CVTC.

Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts - University Transfer program offers three guided pathways to our regional university partners to help you achieve your educational goals. The pathway plans can be customized to your needs and, when you’re ready, transfer to CVTC’s university partners seamlessly.

// Business Pathway

// Education Pathway

// Health Pathway

Associate of Science

The Associate of Science - University Transfer program provides guided pathways in four emphasis areas. These pathways put you in the driver's seat to your career.

// Business Pathway

// Education Pathway

// Health Pathway

// STEM/Engineering Pathway

Transferring to a Non-Partner School 
We hope you will choose to complete your degree at CVTC, but recognize that you may want to pursue academic options beyond CVTC. If you decide to transfer to another school, your transfer options are not limited to our official partner colleges and universities. Our partner universities and guided pathways offer a streamlined process for CVTC students, but you can always choose to apply to other schools and follow their transfer processes. The CVTC advising team is a great resource to discuss your options and next steps as you look to transfer to any school.

Benefits of Transfer Pathways

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Save Money

CVTC's University Transfer programs have a lower cost per credit than many universities and colleges.

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Small Class Sizes

CVTC offers small class sizes that allow you to get personal, one-on-one attention from our instructors.

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Transfer to a University

Our university partnership agreements guarantee your credits will transfer.


Course Transfer Agreements

Should you choose to continue your education after you leave CVTC, we have agreements in place with several institutions to ensure an easy transfer. Just because we don't have a partnership agreement with a college or university, doesn't mean your credits won't transfer. Contact the transfer coordinator at your transfer school to help make a smooth transition from CVTC.

AssociateS of Arts and Science Transfer Agreements

General education courses in the Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) University Transfer programs are guaranteed to transfer to our partnering institutions. General education classes are those that have course codes in the 200 range, for example: 801-2xx-703. Other classes may transfer but check with the transfer coordinator at the college or university to which you plan to transfer to verify.

​Our partnership agreements work to ensure that general education classes you take at CVTC will transfer to our partners. Be sure to connect with your advisor when considering transferring to another school. CVTC has partnership agreements with:

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Wisconsin - River Falls
University of Wisconsin - Stout
University of Wisconsin - Superior


University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Noah Cipar, Transfer Admissions Counselor
UWEC Transfer Information

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University of Wisconsin - Madison
Lori Christianson, Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
UW Madison Transfer Information

UW-Stout Logo

University of Wisconsin - Stout Mollie Ficek, Transfer Admissions Counselor
UW-Stout Transfer Information

UW Superior Logo

University of Wisconsin - Superior
Shane Deadrick, Transfer Coordinator
UW-Superior Transfer Information


University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Grace Mickelson, Transfer Admissions Counselor
Schedule an Appointment
UWRF Transfer Information

Student StoriesMeet Cristina

​With a home schooled background and some uncertainty over what she wanted to study in college, Cristina Whiting didn’t feel quite ready for a big university. But she found CVTC was the right choice for her to begin. The CVTC University Transfer program allows her to gain credits that will transfer to universities, no matter what field she decides to pursue.

"I like that CVTC is smaller. It’s better for me financially and it’s easy to transfer credits to the schools I’m looking at."

And Cristina is impressed with the faculty, which she says has gone the extra mile to help and encourage her when she’s needed it.

"I really love my instructors. They make a big difference. I’m thinking that this is amazing. This is just what I needed."

School Transferred to: UW-Eau Claire
Major: Social Work


Will My Credits Transfer?

Wondering if your CVTC credits will transfer to another college or university? Use our online course search to find courses offered through CVTC and use the course number and name on the transfer sites below. If you have questions or need assistance, please call Student Central at 715-833-6200.

// CVTC Course Search

Login to Transferology to see how your courses will transfer. Enter your courses to find equivalent courses at other schools. Matches are ranked by awarded credit, so you can eliminate the guesswork and maximize your transfer potential.

// Visit Transferology

Visit Transfer Wisconsin to learn more about how courses transfer in the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, and Tribal College systems. This resource is maintained by the UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System to help Wisconsin students continue their educations.

// Visit Transfer Wisconsin

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