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Is the Electrical Power Distribution Program Right For You?

Is the Electrical Power Distribution Program Right For You?

Image: Is the Electrical Power Distribution Program Right For You?

You Can Succeed

Would you rather work outside in a variety of locations instead of being inside the same building every day? Do you like to work with your hands? Do you have friends or family members in the electrical power industry? If so, you fit the profile of someone who becomes a line worker through the CVTC Electrical Power Distribution program.

People who succeed in the CVTC EPD program and in work as a journeyman line worker are self-starters who don’t have to be told what to do because they know what the job is and get it done. They don’t mind working hard, aren’t afraid of heights, and have great attention to detail with a keen eye towards safety. While line workers may be working alone at times, it is important that be able to work well with others in a high-pressure situation.

Opportunities Abound

Completing the CVTC EPD program is the first step on a journey toward becoming a journeyman line worker. Graduates are quickly hired by investor-owned utilities, rural electric co-ops, municipalities, and electrical contractors.

The next step is an apprenticeship. Investor-owned utilities and many electrical contractors often have their own apprenticeship programs. Cooperatives and municipalities usually work with CVTC’s line worker apprentice program that involves hours of classroom instruction and on-the-job training with journeyman line workers.

You’ll be in Demand

For all types of electric utilities, CVTC EPD graduates are popular choices to fill many available positions because they enter the workforce with a good base of training on which to build, and a strong interest in the profession.

“With CVTC graduates, we can feel like we hired people who have a passion for the business,” said B.J. Rauckman, senior director of distribution for Xcel Energy. “We can tell from the CVTC instructors who are passionate about the career. They’re good teachers and know the business, and they also teach the soft skills.”

“We are comfortable with CVTC graduates going into our apprenticeship program that they can do the job and be productive,” said Michael Cedarblade, operations manager for Xcel Energy, who is a member of the program Advisory Committee. “At CVTC they look where we in the industry say they need to improve. They look at all aspects of what it takes to do the job.”

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