Stuck in Your Career?

Resource Photo - Stuck in Your Career?

Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut at work? You’re not alone. Most people at some point in their lives are not entirely happy with their work lives and dream of something better. People making mid-life career changes is so common that you likely know people who have taken the jump to a new job in a different field.

You can do it, too, and you may be surprised to learn that getting started can be easier than you think.

Chippewa Valley Technical College has 115+ programs, all designed to be completed within two years and many taking only a few weeks or months. In a year you can earn a technical diploma and be the person who services heating and air conditioning equipment at homes and businesses, or you can become the motorcycle or marine mechanic that turns a beloved hobby into a profession.

Interested in a new career in a healthcare field? The Medical Assistant program can be completed in two semesters – about eight months. You can become a dental assistant in less than a year, with just 16 credits. You can be helping people in crisis situations as a paramedic within a year.

If you’re drawn to technology, with one semester – about four months – in the IT-Software developer Specialist program, you can be the help desk or client support person who troubleshoots problems with computers.

And you may not be starting from scratch in working toward your new career. You can earn Credit for Prior Learning and have part of your program taken care of before you start!

Technical diplomas and certificates can get you started on a new career in a short time, and you have the opportunity to build on them by going on to earn an associate degree and even transferring your credits to earn a bachelor’s degree.

You can explore what’s possible at, or give us a call! We’ll be happy to help you find the job of your dreams!

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