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How to Help Your High Schooler Prepare for College

How to Help Your High Schooler Prepare for College

Image: How to Help Your High Schooler Prepare for College

So your child has started high school! Where did all of those elementary and middle school years go? Before you know it, the first day of college will be here. It’s time to make a plan. Here are some tips to have your young student be ready for college on day one.


Making a career decision early in a student’s high school years is by no means necessary, but your student probably has some idea of what careers are most appealing. Different careers call for different approaches to academic preparation. A conversation on careers will help your student prepare for the next step.

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Your student should make an appointment with the guidance counselor to discuss college admission requirements and what high school classes should be taken each year to build a solid foundation to academic success in college. An important part of this discussion is the availability of college credit classes the student can take while in high school. These classes may come under names like advanced placement, transcripted credit, youth options or dual enrollment. Your student can save money on future tuition costs and even shorten the time needed to finish a college degree.

Did you know that CVTC offers college-level transcripted credit classes in high schools throughout its 11-county district?


Impress upon your student that college will be more difficult than high school, and the best way to be prepared for the academic rigors is to develop good study skills early. Set up regular times at home for academic study, whether the student has homework due or not. Help your student research good note-taking skills in class and put them into practice so it becomes second nature when college time comes.

Did you know that CVTC has a Learning Center where students can get extra help when needed, including help developing their study skills?


When starting the college selection process, it’s time to revisit that conversation on careers. A four-year university followed by graduate school may be necessary for some. Others will find that a two-year community or technical college is the best choice. Narrow the search to the types of institutions that fit your student’s goals. There will be many factors to consider, including programs offered, costs, housing, graduation and job placement rates. It will take a lot of research to be thorough.

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As a parent, you should have an idea of how you can help pay for your child’s education. But as children begin the transition to adulthood, it is time for them to take responsibility for their own futures. Having a part-time or summer job as a high school student builds responsibility. Have your student start a college savings plan with specific goals and plans for how the money is to be used.

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