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Agronomy Management Overview

Precise control, measurement, and application strategies through the use of technology is extremely important to be successful within the agriculture industry. CVTC’s program gives students real-life practice utilizing the latest technology used in agronomy.

This program provides a high level of training in agronomy, precision farming, data management and agribusiness, as well as hands-on experience in a variety of different agriculture aspects, including plant science, agriculture equipment, precision farming tools, fertilizers, and chemicals. With the use of new farm equipment from our partnering equipment dealers, students will engage in hands-on learning using precision technology on over 150 acres of farm land that CVTC operates.

Upon completion of the two-year program, students will be prepared for a fast paced, high-tech, ever changing career. Students will also leave with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator Certification (License), and Seed Treatment Certification.

Throughout this two-year program you’ll learn about:

  • Precision Farming
  • Plant & Equipment Troubleshooting
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Data Management
  • Seed Treatment
  • Pesticide Application
  • Agribusiness Sales
  • Row Crop Management

Career Opportunities

Agriculture Commodity Grader


Farm Worker

Field Supervisor

Food Inspector

Order Picker

Graduate Employers

Clark County

Elk Mound Seed


Gilman Feed

Sam's Produce

Schaefer Grain Farms

Just the Facts

Agronomy Management
60 Credit Associate Degree

Length of Program //
Two Years

Delivery Method //

Program Location //
Eau Claire

Program Location //

Start Months //

Start Dates //


Financial Aid Eligible


Non-Traditional Occupation

Estimated Program Cost 

Term 1



Term 2



Term 3



Term 4



Term 5









 Estimated Total: $11,390

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Program Courses

These are a few of the courses you can take in the Agronomy Management program.

Agriculture Equipment
This course provides fundamentals of calibration and maintenance of planting, seeding, and harvesting, equipment, including emphasis on precision agricultural concepts. By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to operate, maintain, and calibrate agriculture equipment components.

Plant Science
Provides fundamental knowledge of plant components and their functions. Topics include pollinating and propagating plants, germinating seeds, plant nutrients, and factors affecting photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration. Participants will experience plant components and their functions through the completion of hands-on activities.

Precision Field Applications
This course is 40 hours of hands on time in the field using various farm equipment. Students in the Precision Field Applications 1 course will be responsible for planting the Crop Education Plot, CVTC farmland, and other farms as time allows. Students will be responsible for setting up equipment, proper operation of equipment and the chemical and seed recommendations for the farms.

Agronomy Management Outcomes

CVTC graduates are ready for the workforce. Each year, we send our graduates the Graduate Follow-Up Survey asking where they are working, whether it is in their degree field, and several other questions related to employment. Below are the program outcomes and job data.

// Program Outcomes


67% of our recent Agronomy Management graduates got a job in the industry.


Yearly Salary

Our recent Agronomy Management graduates reported an average starting salary of $37,749.


Regional Jobs

There are 708 job openings in the CVTC district for the Agronomy Management industry.


Credits to Other Institutions

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Focus On Student Success

I’ve always known I wanted to be involved in agriculture. The only choice I had to make was what school. I chose CVTC because it’s close to home, has the Agronomy Management program I wanted, with small class sizes and lots of out-of-class activities.

Colt, Agronomy Management Student

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Degrees & Diplomas

Agricultural Service Technician, Technical Diploma

Animal Science Management, Associate Degree

Farm Business & Production Management, Technical Diploma

Farm Operation, Technical Diploma

Landscape, Plant & Turf Management, Associate Degree

Landscape, Plant & Turf Technician, Technical Diploma

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CVTC can help you achieve your learning goals whether you are looking to advance your career or enrich your personal life.

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