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Eau Claire & River Falls, WI

Clinical Simulation Center

The CVTC Clinical Simulation Centers (CSC) are state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary facilities designed to facilitate and support simulation-based education activities and learning for our healthcare program students and healthcare professionals.

Located in Eau Claire and River Falls, these centers provide robust and realistic learning opportunities to prepare healthcare professionals for actual patient care situations with high-fidelity scenarios using patient manikins, trained simulation experts, and a range of simulation equipment.

The Clinical Simulation Center offers guided, clinical-based education in a safe learning environment. Participants can practice clinical skills, interprofessional collaboration, communication, and difficult patient situations without putting themselves and others (especially patients) at risk. They can also see their mistakes' consequences without causing patient harm. This improves patient safety in the clinical environment and enhances critical thinking.

Center Accreditation

CVTC is proud to have provisional accreditation of its Clinical Simulation Center with the Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

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Our Mission

The mission of the Chippewa Valley Technical College Clinical Simulation Center is to provide innovative healthcare education and learner-centered simulation experiences, which are grounded on the principles of patient safety, evidence-based practice, and interprofessional collaboration for our students and community partners.

Our Vision

The CVTC Clinical Simulation Center is committed to developing compassionate, highly skilled healthcare professionals who will become change agents and future leaders throughout the communities we serve.

Our Facilities

Eau Claire

Located inside the CVTC Health Education Center, the 2,213 square foot training space in Eau Claire features a large multi-purpose room, patient rooms, a control room, and a debrief room.

Training Rooms 

  • Multi-purpose room which can simulate an emergency department, intensive care unit, or operating room 
  • Exam/outpatient room 
  • Hospital room 
  • Nurses station 
  • Debrief room 
  • Control room


River Falls

Part of the CVTC River Falls Campus, the Clinical Simulation Center in River Falls is 853 square feet and includes a large multi-purpose room, a patient room, a control room, and a debrief room.

Training Rooms

  • Multi-purpose room which can simulate an emergency department, intensive care unit, or operating room 
  • Hospital room 
  • Debrief room 
  • Control room



High-Fidelity Manikin Simulators

Outfitted with state-of-the-art simulation equipment, the center's high-fidelity manikins use computer controls to manage and control the physiological appearances of patients undergoing health crises.

Controlled by trained simulation lab technicians, these simulators can replicate: 

  • Spontaneous breathing and the ability to breathe for the patient with a bag or ventilator
  • Real-time display of electronically monitored information, such as electrocardiogram and oxygen saturation
  • Pulse, heart sound, breath sound, pupil size, and pupil response to light
  • Obstruction of various parts of the airway

A History of Medical Manikins

While these high-fidelity manikins can blink, breath, and even 'talk, these tools haven't always been this advanced. One family knows this first hand with a vintage manikin they lovingly call McTavish. Read their story here.

Experience the Clinical Simulation Center

The center offers educational opportunities for CVTC healthcare program students, education partners in the region, and the community.

Schedule a Simulation

The Clinical Simulation Center is available for rent by groups looking for healthcare simulation training. Because we understand that there are differences between each healthcare organization and discipline, we can tailor a pricing contract to meet your unique needs. Please complete the inquiry form below for details.

Rental Pricing

  • Simulation Mannequin Rental
    $65 / hour
  • Simulation Rooms
    $165 / hour + $65 set-up/tear-down
    The concurrent use of multiple manikins may require additional fees.
  • Scenario Design & Development
    $165 / hour

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