Program Description

Advances in animal agriculture confirm the importance of adequate training for livestock farming management from a local and global perspective. CVTC’s Animal Science Management associate degree gives students the skills needed to work in the dairy, beef, and specialty livestock industry, with a focus on dairy and meat animal management.

This program provides competitive and diverse job opportunities, with great placement and competitive salaries. You will spend fewer hours in the classroom and more hours at cooperating farms. CVTC’s experienced instructors and state-of-the-art equipment offers specialized training in animal science and farm management. Students will be provided a variety of real, hands-on experiences with access to over 30 different regional farms, as well as internships and a Capstone course.

Throughout this two-year program you’ll learn about:

  • Animal Health
  • Safe Animal Handling Techniques
  • Animal Anatomy & Physiology
  • Genetic Selection
  • Animal Reproduction
  • Record Keeping/Financial Management
  • Feed Analysis
  • Nutrition
  • Herd Management
  • Herd Health
  • Livestock Facilities

Just the Facts

Animal Science Management
60 Credit Associate Degree

Length of Program:
Two Years

Delivery Method:
Face to Face

Program Location:
Eau Claire

Start Dates:

Estimated Program Cost

Total Tuition, Fees & Books: $11,836

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Pathway Credentials

Livestock Technician

Embedded Technical Diploma

A Livestock Technician’s goal is to care for livestock in dairy, beef, and specialty livestock situations. Livestock Technicians learn to test feeds and feeding methods, animal husbandry, record management software programs, breeding and genetics, and what nourishes livestock efficiently and economically. Livestock Technicians gain a thorough understanding of science and husbandry through participating in on farm learning labs on 30 CVTC cooperating lab farms.

Livestock Technician graduates must have technical, management, and economic training to be successful in herd management. Cooperative education and hands-on experiences, combined with formal classroom instruction, provide an excellent background to gain access into these industries.

Career Opportunities

  • Assistant Livestock Feedlot Operator
  • Assistant Livestock Production Manager
  • Farm Hand
  • Farm Manager
  • Feeding Technician

Just the Facts

Livestock Technician
29 Credit Technical Diploma

Length of Program
One Year

Delivery Method:
Face to Face

Program Location:
Eau Claire

Start Dates:

Gainful Employment

Estimated Program Cost

Total Tuition, Fees & Books: $4,610

How To Enroll

Enrolling at CVTC is easy! You will need to complete an online application. If you are ready to apply now, click here.

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These are a few of the courses you will take in the Animal Science Management program. For more detailed course info click here.

  • Animal Science
    Provides fundamental knowledge of the animal science field. Topics include animal health, animal environments, anatomy and physiology, genetics and reproduction, animal feedstuffs, and job-related safety. Participants will experience animal concepts through the completion of hands-on activities.
  • Industry Skills
    Want to have a successful career in the Agriculture industry? Learn about what is involved in having a job, managing finances or other people and leadership. This is a class that will help prepare you for your first ag-related job, as well as understanding responsibilities and expectations you will have in the future. This is a course that will get students ready to enter the work force by helping them learn and become aware of some basic skill needed to have success in the work place and provide an individual the ability to become a productive member in the community in which they live, as well as help out their family. It will also help them to become more aware of saving for their own future.
  • Livestock Modernization
    Livestock Modernization will focus on technology and modernization, robotic milking barn design, data management on farms with robotic milkers, automated feed pushers, precision feeding, using activity monitors for heat detection and decision making tools. Students will participate in various lab opportunities on state-of-the art dairy farms in western Wisconsin.

Transfer Credits

Once you’ve completed your associate degree at CVTC, if you are interested in pursuing further education, we have agreements with several institutions. To view a list of CVTC’s transfer agreements, click here.


  • Dairy Consultant
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Sales Specialist
  • Technical Sales Representative

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