Electrical Power Distribution Program Details

Interested in an outdoor career? Like the thought of climbing structures and troubleshooting electrical problems? CVTC offers a one-year Electrical Power Distribution program. This program is quick, the tuition is reasonable, and the earning potential is strong. Electrify your future!

In CVTC’s Electrical Power Distribution courses you will:

  • Study and apply fundamentals of electrical theory
  • Install powerline equipment such as: fuses, circuit breakers, transformers, and lightning arresters
  • Operate hydraulic equipment such as: a bucket and digger derrick, digger/derrick truck, and trencher/backhoes
  • Climb distribution and transmission structures
  • Build and maintain overhead and underground power lines
  • Tie rope knots and make rope splices
  • Perform hotline maintenance

You will gain the following skills:

  • Apply electrical theory
  • Use protective equipment
  • Operate hydraulic equipment
  • Maintain power lines
  • Perform hotline maintenance
  • Perform first aid, CPR, and AED

Just the Facts

Electrical Power Distribution
34 Credit Technical Diploma

Length of Program:
One Year

Delivery Method

Program Location
Eau Claire

Start Dates

Financial Aid Eligible: Yes

Program Outcomes

Gainful Employment Data

Non-Traditional Occupation

Estimated Program Cost

Total Tuition, Fees & Books: $8,408

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Student wearing hard hat and safety glasses
Get a Job

85% of our Electrical Power Distribution graduates get a job in the industry.

Student using tool on power transformer
Make More Money

Our recent Electrical Power Distribution graduates reported an average starting salary of $62,630.

Student controlling bucket lift vehicle
1 Year
Earn a Diploma Fast

Earn a Electrical Power Distribution technical diploma in just one year.


These are a few of the courses you will take in the Electrical Power Distribution program. For more detailed course info, click here.

  • Basic Line Construction Lab
    This course introduces the student to power line construction techniques including staking/overhead line design, overhead structure specifications, overhead distribution line construction, and stringing/sagging overhead line conductors.
  • Electric Line Apparatus
    This course introduces the student to electrical power line apparatus such as; over current equipment, voltage regulators, and kilowatt hour meters.
  • Advanced Line Construction Lab
    Students will learn and use advanced levels of topics such as; aerial climbing, rope knots and splices, electrical connectors, electrical test equipment, as well as hand tools.


  • 1,000 Hour Help
  • Field Service Technician
  • Groundman
  • Lineman Apprentice
  • Tree Trimmer

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