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Professional Communications Program Details

CVTC’s Professional Communications program focuses on professional, technical, and business writing for a variety of media and industries and prepares individuals for professional careers as technical writers, copy writers, editors, grant writers, and related writing careers in business, government, and non-profit organizations. The program includes instruction in theories of rhetoric, writing, and digital literacy; document design, production, and management; editing and proofreading; visual rhetoric and multimedia composition; documentation development; web writing; and publishing. A degree in Professional Communications gives you endless career options across multiple industry sectors.

Each course takes eight weeks to complete and students will enjoy earning their degree with the flexibility and convenience of this 100% online program.

Throughout this program, you'll learn valuable skills such as:

  • Document design, production, and management
  • Documentation development
  • Publishing in print and electronic media
  • Rhetoric, writing, and digital literacy theories
  • Social media content creation
  • Usability testing
  • Visual rhetoric and multimedia composition
  • Web content writing

Just the Facts

Professional Communications
60 Credit Associate Degree

Length of Program:
Two Years

Delivery Method

Start Dates

Financial Aid Eligible: Yes

Estimated Program Cost
Total Tuition, Fees & Books: $10,616

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Additional Information

Program Outcomes

How To Enroll

Enrolling at CVTC is easy! You will need to complete an online application.  If you are ready to apply now, click here.

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These are a few of the courses you will take in the Professional Communications program.
For more detailed course info, click here.

  • Professional/Technical Writing
    This course is an introduction to processes of technical and professional communication, emphasizing application of rhetorical principles and problem-solving strategies to various products central to the workplace writing.
  • Proposal/Grant Writing
    This course is an exploration of various grant proposal forms (government, corporate, foundation), with emphasis on conceptualizing, developing, and writing proposals for real clients.
  • Writing for Social Media
    This course will introduce how to write blogs, posts, tweets, and other updates so they resonate and are relevant to social media audiences, and encourage action, engagement, and interaction. This course focuses primarily on content writing and editing.

Transfer Credits

Once you’ve completed your associate degree at CVTC, if you are interested in pursuing further education, we have agreements with several institutions. To view a list of CVTC’s transfer agreements, click here.


  • Assistant Teacher
  • Communications Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Reporter
  • Technical Writer

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