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Meet Cailey

Cailey needed more opportunities in high school so she could find what she loved.


It opened a lot of doors for me!

Cailey says her school didn’t have many options to experience and get involved in healthcare careers, but she wanted the experience, more classes, and to challenge herself going into her senior year.

The CVTC Healthcare Academy is made up of students from local high schools that take four classes for a total of 14 credits during their senior year. When Cailey started out in the Academy she immediately enjoyed the teacher, hands-on opportunities, and the atmosphere at CVTC.

She says her time in the program was important to help her determine what she wanted to do in life, build time management skills, and push herself past the limits of what she thought she could accomplish.

Her experience with CVTC was so rewarding that after high school graduation she decided to continue her college studies in the Nursing program at CVTC. Cailey says it’s important to find out what you love in life and what your passion is, and this gave her that opportunity. She can’t wait to get out in the workforce and continue doing what she loves.

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CVTC students earn their degree at a fraction of the cost of traditional four-year colleges.


95% of CVTC graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation.


Students graduate in two years or less for most programs.

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Career Exploration

An online career assessment is a great resource that is available to anyone. The career assessment will ask a series of questions and then match you to occupations, allow you to explore careers, and give you a list of CVTC programs that are a good fit for your interests.

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HS Academies

High School Academies are a series of courses that lead into a degree program. Academies are designed to meet high school needs with broad goals of offering program exploration, a recognized industry credential or embedded technical diploma, or up to a full semester of an associate degree program.

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Percent of CVTC graduates
are employed within
6 months
after graduation


Percent of CVTC grads
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their field
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