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Bookkeeper Overview

Are you a small business owner or work for a small business? CVTC's Bookkeeper Technical Diploma is the right choice for you! With this credential you will advance your skills to better meet the needs of small businesses and reduce costs for accounting services. Accounting skills are in great demand and you will learn to perform routine accounting tasks, process basic financial transactions, and perform payroll operations, as well as gain experience in QuickBooks.

Part of a career pathway, the Bookkeeper certificate credits apply toward the Accounting associate degree if you choose to continue your education. Call us at 715-833-6300 to learn more.

Career Opportunities

Accounting Clerk

Billing Representatives


Bookkeeping Supervisor

Case Advocate

Office Manager

Graduate Employers

River Valley Property Management

Roadready Transfer Service

Taxpayer Advocate Service

Just the Facts

9 Credit Technical Diploma

Length of Program //
Less Than One Year

Delivery Method //

Program Location //
Eau Claire

Program Location //
August and January

Start Months //
August and January

Start Dates //
August and January


Non-Traditional Occupation

Estimated Program Cost 

Term 1






 Estimated Total: $1,737

  Earn credit for prior learning! Do you have previous educational or work experience in the field? You could be eligible to receive credit for prior learning. Explore your options today!

Program Courses

These are a few of the courses you can take in the Bookkeeper program.

Accounting I
This course prepares the learner to analyze, record, summarize and interpret accounting information. This course focuses on business transactions, financial statements, merchandising business transactions, special journals, internal controls, receivables and plant assets. The learner will prepare accounting transactions for a practice set, including month-end transactions and preparation of the financial statements.

Payroll Accounting
The learner will make the necessary payroll calculations and record keeping, including social security taxes, income tax withholdings, and other deductions. They will also maintain employee earnings records, record journal entries and generate payroll reports. A comprehensive payroll project is required.

Intro to QuickBooks
This is a computerized accounting course where the student is expected to have a basic understanding of the accounting fundamentals to be applied to the QuickBooks bookkeeping system. The learner will post transactions within the system including receipting for cash sales and sales on account as well as purchasing on account and with cash. The learner will also perform the bank reconciliations and financial statement preparation with the QuickBooks system.

Earn Credentials Along the Way

Career Pathways 

Career Pathways are a clear, manageable way to access education that provides employer-recognized, stackable credentials tied to specific jobs, education, and career progression. Career Pathways are beneficial to high school students and teachers, parents, adult students, and employers.

Technical Diplomas

Accounting AssistantBookkeeper

Associate Degree


Bookkeeper Outcomes

CVTC graduates are ready for the workforce. Each year, we send our graduates the Graduate Follow-Up Survey asking where they are working, whether it is in their degree field, and several other questions related to employment. Below are the program outcomes and job data.

// Program Outcomes


60% of our recent Bookkeeper graduates got a job in the industry.


Yearly Salary

Our recent Bookkeeper graduates reported an average starting salary of $39,167.


Regional Jobs

There are 341 job openings in the CVTC district for the Bookkeeper industry.


Credits to Other Institutions

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Focus On Student Success

Flexible courses, professors are very knowledgeable! Very affordable education!

Adam, Bookkeeper Graduate

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Degrees & Diplomas

Accounting, Associate Degree

Accounting Assistant, Technical Diploma

Continue Your Learning

CVTC can help you achieve your learning goals whether you are looking to advance your career or enrich your personal life.

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