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Human Services & Education

Find Your Future in Human Services & Education

Working with people fits your personality. It’s something you enjoy. With CVTC’s Human Services & Education programs, you can turn that desire into a career. Working with children can be especially satisfying, and a way to truly make a difference in someone’s life. Child Care and Early Childhood Education programs can lead you to a career working directly with young children, guiding their development during formative years. With Foundations of Teacher Education, you can work with school-age children and start a career in elementary and secondary education. These are careers where your creativity and love of children can shine!

If your interest lies in helping people with their hair, skin and nail care, CVTC has the programs for you as well. In the classroom and with practical experience at CVTC’s Shear Inspiration Salon & Spa, you’ll develop your creative and artistic skills and gain experience in working with customers and operating a salon. A great career is right at your fingertips!

Human Services & Education Programs

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Student Stories

Hear from real people who have used their education at CVTC to help change their life.

Photo of Amy

Meet Amy

Amy knew a large university wasn't for her and wanted a fresh start.

Photo of Beth

Meet Beth

They were determined to make their dreams come true.

Photo of Dustin

Meet Dustin

Dustin wanted to help people, but needed to find himself first.

Photo of Shawniece

Meet Shawniece

Despite wanting to give up, Shawniece persisted and has lots of success to show for it.

Photo of Sabrina & Se

Meet Sabrina & Se

They were looking to follow their passion and encourage others to do the same.

Photo of Ryan

Meet Ryan

Ryan saw a growing industry and started his company.

Related Offerings

Whether you're looking to continue your learning to another program or to gain continuing education credit, CVTC offers a variety of learning opportunities for students.


Early Childhood Educator

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