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International Students

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Study internationally with Chippewa Valley Technical College! Experience another culture, immerse yourself in an English speaking learning environment, and build lifelong friendships. CVTC is ready to help you thrive!


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If you are interested in becoming an international student at CVTC, we recommend you begin this process at least six months before you would like to enroll.

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International Student Admissions


Important Considerations

• All international students attending CVTC on an F1 VISA must enroll at 12 credits (full-time status) or more.

• International applicants can only apply to Associate Degree level programs that do not have waiting lists.


International Student Supplemental Admission Packet

In addition to completing the standard CVTC Application for Admission, all international students must download and complete the fillable International Student Supplemental Application Packet. The completed International Student Supplemental Application Packet must be emailed, faxed, or mailed to CVTC admissions.

The following information below will clarify what forms are included in this packet.

1. Admission Che​cklist

Use the checklist to make sure that you have completed all admission procedures for admission to Chippewa Valley Technical College.

2. Supplemental Application

Complete the pages titled, “Supplemental Application form” and the “Student Questionnaire” so we can get to know more about you and your sponsor.

3. Emergency Contact

We need to establish an emergency contact person while you are a student at CVTC both here and in your home country. On the page titled, “Emergency Contact Information Form,” please provide the names of these contacts. These are the individuals who will be contacted if there is an emergency.

4. Certification of Financial Resources

If you want to become an International Student at CVTC one of the steps you need to take is to document that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while attending school. The pages titled, “Certification of Financial Resources” and “Dependent Worksheet” will walk you through what information is necessary.

5. TOEFL Requirement

Non-native speakers of English must take the TOEFL exam and receive a score of 61 on the internet-based text, or 500 on the paper-based test. If you want to be included in a study group to prepare for the TOEFL exam, please contact LuAnn Sorenson at 715-858-1880 or

Form I-20

After you have submitted all of the above materials and have been admitted to a program, CVTC will issue you a Form I-20 which is a Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant [F-1] Student Status. International students are only eligible to study in 2-year, Associate Degree Programs.

F-1 Visa

Once you have received the Form I-20 you should visit the US Consulate or Embassy in your country to apply for an F-1 visa. You will need to pay a SEVIS I-901 fee before making this visit. For more information on this fee and how to pay it visit the US Department of Homeland Security.​​​​​​

Application Fees

  • $30 USD CVTC Application Fee
  • $100 USD International Student Processing Fee
  • *All fees must be paid before an application can be processed


CVTC Starting Graduate Salary


CVTC associate degree graduates make an average starting salary of $54,110.

CVTC Academic Programs


CVTC offers 110+ programs, 36 certificates, and 16 apprenticeships.

CVTC Graduate Employment Rate


95% of CVTC graduates are employed within 6 months after graduation.

International Student Studying During Class

Cost of Living Estimates

The cost of living expenses below are only estimates; your program of choice and personal standard of living will determine your actual amount.
Keep in mind that if you remain in the area for the summer months, additional funds for living expenses may be needed.



*1 year, based on 30 credits

​$9,000 USD

​Books & Materials

​$1,000 USD

​Estimated Living Expense

​$10,000 USD

Total Estimated Expenses

​$20,000 USD

You are required to document that you can cover a total of $20,000 USD for the first year of schooling based on the breakdown above.

Note: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement regulations prohibit international students from working off campus. Although USICE regulations permit part-time, on-campus employment, there are limited on-campus work opportunities at CVTC. International students should not expect to work on campus in order to pay for expenses.

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